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Think Entrepreneurship: Importance of entrepreneurial mindset (2)

By Abosede Ajala


Salary is good but if you want to achieve greatness as an entrepreneur, intensify on your entrepreneurial mindset through entrepreneurship education. This is not for only existing entrepreneur, the new and intending entrepreneurs can borrow an achievable steps of existing entrepreneurs in other to be able to take up one idea or more, think of it, dream of it, inject it into your system, and leave this idea everyday of your life, thereby success and greatness are achieved.

We need to understand how the entrepreneurial mindset helps; to know that you need to reach out to customers first, find a new market for an existing product, importantly, the use of networking to build your businesses, learning to give without a return, always be in charge of your own vision, understanding the power of branding, focus your energy on what is good for your business, always maintain good quality on all your products, set your product or business apart and take ownership.

Education and Entrepreneurial mindset

Education is considered as one of the effective tools for human capital and societal development, because no nation can attain an appreciable level of development beyond the level of her education (Adekola & Kumbe, 2012; Orji & Job, 2013). Education is very central to the training and development of human resources in any nation through impartation of suitable skills, knowledge, capacity building, attitude and value re-orientation employed in the transformation of individuals, communities and nations at large.

Therefore, education is seen as the most important instrument of any fundamental    change, particularly with regards to the achievement of economic goals such as entrepreneurship development, job creation and poverty eradication, especially in the Nigerian context (Okoli, 2011; Agi & Yellowe, 2013). The National Economic Empowerment and Development Strategy (NEEDS) (2004), gives credence to the role of education in the development of self- reliant abilities and entrepreneurship skills in individuals, hence, the role of education as regards entrepreneurship development in Nigeria cannot be over-emphasize.

The prominent role of tertiary education as regards economic development of a nation has been recognized. The World Bank-sponsored study of Bloom, Canning, and Chan (2005) brought to the fore the crucial and pivotal role of higher education in the knowledge economy, showing a strong link between higher education and economic development, through human capital development and technology diffusion. Specifically, Universities/Trade/Training Centers are duty-bound to encourage economic growth through research and development, teaching and transfer of technology.

However, beyond the stated roles, building entrepreneurial mindset/competencies is an added task that the new knowledge societies must put on and modernize all training centers.

Learn a trade today and be empowered for life’.


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