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Thunder: Govt lifts ban on sales of cow meat

Thunder: Govt lifts ban on sales of cow meat

From Jimoh Ahmed, Ikare Akoko
Ban placed on the sales and consumption of beef in Ikare has been lifted.

The Environmental Officer in Akoko Northeast Local Government Area, Mr Adeniyi Yemisi disclosed this to in her office in the Council headquarters, Ikare Akoko on Thursday

Government had placed a ban on the sales and consumption of cow meat when butchers in the area were selling meats of the eight cows killed in the town recently.

Mrs Adeniyi disclosed that the ban was for a period of one week.

According to her, the ban was to allow for the end of circulation of such meet and since those selling the meats had been apprehended. It is believed that such meats would have ceased to exist.

She stated that since government cares for the interest of its people, the interest of the butchers which selling of meats is their economic base was put into consideration since they have many who depend on them for their survival.

The Akoko Northeast Local Government Environmental Officer said that despite the lifting of the ban, government is not relenting in its efforts to see that the well being and health of the people is protected.

To this, end she disclosed that government has put in place measures to monitor the sales of cow meat and other consumable items are closely monitored in the area.

However when our reporter visited butchers shed at both Oja Oba and Jubilee markets, both in Ikare Akoko, the butchers were seen with cow meat on display for sales

It was a different story from the past when consumers of the stuff used to mill round the two places.

Buyers only come in twos and threes to buy the product.

Speaking with The Hope, a butcher, Mr Salaudeen Najimdeeen disclosed that he has not been making enough sales since the ban was lifted.

Salaudeen said he has been selling at a loss since he has no means of storing the meats.

According to him, when he decided to use the little refrigerator in his home, electricity is the problem.

Similarly Mr Yusuf Sonibare disclosed sales have not been like before the ugly incident that led to the ban.

He said government should find away to punish only those who were involved in the shady deal rather than making innocent people suffer.

The duo however expressed optimism that with time their sales is expected to increase by the day.

A food seller, Mrs Anike Abioudun who spoke with our reporter disclosed that food vendors too were not left out of the ugly incident and the subsequent ban.

Anike while narrating her experience said her customers have been reluctant in eating at her bukateria.

According to her, they were always asking if she was selling cow meat

She disclosed that people were afraid for their health and therefore cautious of eating just any meet.

She however said that people switched over to fish resulting in the jerking up of its price by fish mongers.

Owena Press Limited (Publisher of The Hope Newspaper), Akure

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