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TOP jobs in Covid-19 era

TOP jobs in Covid-19 era

Watching trends & raising income in the changing times

Aditi Raman Shridhar
Working-from-home is the reality of millions of professionals in the world right now. The coronavirus pandemic has pushed even school children to prioritize attending online classes over playing video games. Never before were parents this satisfied about giving their phones and laptops to their little ones. Technology is being put to good use!
For adults, however, life is throwing sunami of lemons at them this moment.

Businesses are shutting down and people are getting laid off. Nearly 30 million people have lost their only source of income in the United States alone. Nearly eight million people have lost their jobs in Canada and close to two million in Japan.

In Nigeria, at least five million people are expected to be pushed into poverty, along with an approximately 14% inflation rate plus an impending recession, says the World Bank and the United Nation’s World Food Programme. Back in 2019, Nigeria was one of the 10 countries that constituted the worst food crises in 2019. The coronavirus situation in the year 2020 has further weakened an already collapsing structure.

In times like these when layoff, salary cuts, temporary suspension from work, surviving on government aid, and living in minimal ways just to keep the head above water, are common expressions people hear; it has become imperative that people check out what is in demand in the world right now and do it.

With or without prior experience, anybody can work at these jobs and float in the difficult times: Take a look.

1) Shops and supermarkets
The spike in demand for products with additional requirements of cleanliness and supervision has prodded supermarkets and local food shops to hire more cashiers, packers, accountants, floor managers, cleaners, warehouse staff, security personnel, and logistics and distribution staff

2.) Home delivery
E-commerce and delivery platforms have seen their sales explode recently, so they are looking for more delivery drivers/rider (own vehicle not always needed), dispatchers, and security and maintenance staff.

3) Health
Our health service is in a great need of staff to take care of the growing number of COVID-19 patients. So, nurses, phone support staff and safety managers in hospitals are in great demand.

4) Cleaning
Emergency cleaning squads are always needed for ambulance support services, in hospitals and homes.

5) Home-working for Tech Companies
Streaming, content and communication services have seen their demand increase drastically as people are having to work from home. Technology companies that provide these services need to maintain their telesales, marketing, and community on social media. You can find jobs such as an accounting assistant, content or copywriter – creating digital content such as blogs, news articles, and social media posts, telesales staff and phone support staff, secretarial and administrative staff or a data entry staff.

6) Distance Learning
Many of us are being productive during the lockdown and are using our time for distance learning. For this reason, online learning platforms have seen an increase of demand for their online courses. You can find positions such as language teachers, core subject tutors for school children and adult learning course teachers.

7) Babysitters
Despite the closing of creches, schools and nurseries, many parents still have to work and are not able to look after their children during the day, so they have had to hire babysitters and au-pairs.

8) Support Workers and Carers
Some people are more vulnerable to the threat of COVID-19, including elderly people and people with pre-existing health conditions. They find themselves in need of help around the home with the shopping, cleaning, helping with pet care and general help with daily activities. They look for support workers and carers.

It is easy to give up in moments like these. But staying strong is essential.

Keep up to date with the vacancies, keep actively looking for jobs, and keep your CV up-to-date and strengthen your brand by creating or updating your profile on professional social media sites and growing your network.
The current state of employment stands in a way that more than half of employers are recognizing that their ways of working will be forever changed. A majority of people are understanding that they will continue to work from remote locations. There will be a significant decrease in travel and in-office meetings. The job search is also on hold at the moment and employers are not willing to take risks of jumping into other companies
College students are definitely on the lookout for employment at Entry level, Intern, Assistant and such beginner posts.

While all of that can help out with an immediate employment, there is another segment of work (possible if you have the time and resources) that involves kick starting a business.
The landscape of entrepreneurs is burgeoning like never before. And it is all ONLINE.

Take a look at these 10ideas that can help you stand firmly on your own two feet, all from the comfort of your home.

1) Online tutor -It one of the best and common jobs that a high school or a college student can do. Online tutoring is a real-time interaction between students and tutor. It is the future of learning, and both, student and tutor can interact through the software, which consists of all tools and symbols required to teach a subject. It follows the same procedure as in the classroom and is useful if compared to the traditional teaching process. As an e-tutor, you should have a plan and content around your subject. You will be required to present your work online while imparting lessons.

2) Freelance Writer/ Editor -If you are fluent in locating grammar mistakes and good at writing, you may like to choose this kind of job role. Freelance jobs are opening new doors everywhere throughout the world. With an expansion in technological innovation, these occupations are giving high work possibilities and competition. Otherwise called as online jobs, writers are also creating the new pattern which gives straightforwardness and unwinding of messy work.

3) Becoming a YouTuber – It is the best option to cross this tough time period. If you’re not camera-shy and a good communicator, then this platform is the right choice for you. To start the YouTube blogging, you can choose a type or subject that you want to create videos on and get started, but be definite it’s a topic that’ll significance a lot of people.

Everything from cooking shows to political debate shows can find many takers on YouTube. For recording a video you don’t need a formal setup to record videos, a mid-range Smartphone is sufficient all you have to do is create a YouTube channel, which works on a comparable model as a blog- as you make your channel popular. The number of subscribers grows so that you will be earning good wages.

4) Social Media Marketing–Anyone who has newly started working online or wants to reach their clients online will need skills of web development and social media marketing. That’s where you can come in. You can handle the pages and websites of an individual or of companies, restaurants, businesses, celebrity or any other brand.
5) Web Developer -It is a field that keeps on developing and gives no indications of easing back down. If you have the right stuff to build a site, you can begin charging somebody for it today. To work for this kind of job role, you shouldn’t be a software engineering major; however, you do require web advancement abilities. You must know coding and web designing.

6) Graphic Designer -If you’re well skilled with the designing techniques, choosing graphic designing is the best job opportunity and most in-demand skill list. You can go through various in designing web pages, infographics or design for print and many other related tasks. To earn well in this preferred field, a portfolio is the best key to accomplish goals and targets.

7) Internet security specialist -With increasing presence of people on the digital platform, hacking has also increased. With so many hackers targeting business and startups, internet security skills are on the rise. If you’re able to cope with hacking issues easily, then this job fits you and you can also make a lot of money out of it.

8) Transcriptionist – Computers keep on showing signs of improvement at perceiving and deciphering human speech, yet they despise everything aren’t great. Along these lines, there’s a demand for individuals who can listen to audio and transform that sound into composed words. This is the aptitude required for online transcriptionist job, and it tends to be an adaptable method to win additional cash from your PC.

9) Data Entry Operator – PCs are better than anything at preparing information; however, they, despite processing everything, battle with transforming transcribed reports into computerized ones. Data entry worker is still particularly popular because each business should be sorted out and monitored into what is happening. This is likewise one of the more straightforward employments on this rundown.

10) Translator -If you’re well known with different languages, then it is the best job option to hold on. To become a translator, you have to be proficient with the language in which you excel at it could be English, Hindi, German, French, Chinese etc. You’ll also have to ensure to have the correct certification for your country.
When there is a will, there is a way. And when the going gets tough, the tough get going. So cheer up, shrug off all worries and transform your life. Nothing is impossible.

Aditi Raman Shridhar is an Indian writer, teacher and wellness expert.

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