Tourism can be Nigeria’s ‘new oil’ – Ex Miss Tourism

Tourism can be Nigeria’s ‘new oil’ – Ex Miss Tourism

Fisayo Akinduro, Osogbo
Former Miss Tourism West Africa, Queen Fisayo Aderemi has disclosed that Osun state is blessed with 66 tourist sites.

Queen Aderemi was crowned Miss Tourism West Africa between 2017 and 2018.

Speaking on the level of exposure to tourism in the state, she said it is relatively low compared to other sectors.

She said tourism should be the new “oil”  the nation  should be mining as it can boost the revenue generation of the country.

Osun state should be a world tourism centre where the whole world can come to feel the natural blessings embedded in it.

“We have a lot of tour-attraction sites in the state but our level of exposure to tourism is not making them known to the world.”

She listed some of the popular tourist sites in Osun as Osun/ Osogbo groove, Erin Ijesa waterfall, Ibode monkey forest, palace of Ooni, Oranmiyan staff among others.

Aderemi said government needs to focus on how to make fortunes from these sites.

“How can Nigerians sell these tourist sites to the world when we don’t even know they exist or visit it?

“We need to stop going to foreign countries for tourism when we are abundantly blessed in Nigeria.”

She urged Nigerians, especially youths to be curious to know more about their towns, states and the country, stressing that it would help them have knowledge of their origin and culture.

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Tourism can be Nigeria’s ‘new oil’ – Ex Miss Tourism

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Tourism can be Nigeria’s ‘new oil’ – Ex Miss Tourism

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