Towards A New Nigeria (10)

… Tinubu’s Presidency

IN many parts of Nigeria, there have been complaints about the heat and especially from farmers who had raised the alarm that there would be drought thereby leading to food scarcity in the country. Just like the heat, many Nigerians have also complained under the past administration of President Muhammadu Buhari that the economy has been stiff and there have been increases in the rate of insecurity, and unemployment.

THE Hope recalls that President Buhari’s mantra of change had given a lot of hope to Nigerians only for the hope to be dashed in the course of his administration. Now, the new president, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, has been sworn-in and The Hope observes that the swearing-in saw the opening of the era and the outpour of rain in many parts of Nigeria. Could it be an omen that the new president would be a beacon of hope and reduce the tensions in the country?

WHILE  The Hope congratulates the new President, it notes that Nigerians are expecting a change not only in words but in deeds; thus, the new President should live to his promises and turn the nation around for the good of all. While there are many issues seeking the attention of the President, we enjoin him to hit the ground running and ensure that in his appointment, competency rather than political loyalty should be the main consideration in his appointment.

WE recall that the immediate past Minister of Education in the person of Mr. Adamu Adamu confessed that he knew nothing about the education ministry before the position was imposed on him and history would judge whether he made a good success of that ministry or rather sent the nation backwards in his leadership. We admonish President  Tinubu to ensure that those who know what they are to do, what they are doing, and what they should do in order to bring about the development that is expected to this nation are sought for and appointed to key positions in the country.

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NIGERIA has gone beyond the level of experimenting and should therefore implement policies that would bring this nation to its enviable position in the international community. All eyes are on President Tinubu to give actions to his voice and bring about the turnaround in every facet of the economy.

THE Nigerian economy as at this time is comatose and it is expected therefore that the actions that should be taken would be such that would revive it, turn Nigeria into an exporting nation, and also attract foreign direct investment. And to achieve this therefore,  we expect that President Bola Ahmed Tinubu would set in motion, a national conference on the economy in order to harvest ideas that would turn around the sector.

WE  also note that while the opening of the borders may seem plausible and a solution, we however, call for caution so that miscreants and terrorist organizations would not use such as an opportunity to import into the country various arms and ammunition that may destroy the fragile peace that we are currently enjoying. And to this end therefore, while we subscribe that goods and services that are of value should be allowed into the country, we also expect that the Customs officers would be vigilant and incorruptible in the discharge of their duties to prevent such calamities. 

STILL  on economy, it would not be a bad idea for President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to put in motion the reconstruction of at least one of Nigerian refineries to compliment whatever output that may emanate from the Dangote Refinery in order to ensure that Nigerians benefit fully from its crude oil and also put an end to the era of fuel subsidy which the President has announced and also end fuel scarcity in Nigeria. We believe strongly in the capacity of the new President to achieve this given his antecedents as governor of Lagos State and the leader of the All Progressives Congress.

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FURTHERMORE, we encourage President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to, at this time, focus on the youths in the country. Therefore, development programmes that would engage the youths and give them opportunities to excel outside their chosen careers and professions should be emplaced. To this end, policies that will promote small and medium scheme enterprises, youth empowerment through access to loans and grants for the take-off of their entrepreneurial activities as well as the lifting of the embargo of employment in the Federal Civil Service, and such that would lead to the employment of more youths should be put in place forthwith.

TO all Nigerians at this time, we should understand that the government in power has a lot of challenges. There are myriads of debts that have been inherited by this new administration. There are also contracts fees that have not been paid  and there are many policies that should be re-evaluated, re-worked and possibly expunged. Therefore, we expect that Nigerians would cooperate with this government in its policies some of which may not be acceptable in the short run but may have dividend of good life in the long run. They support, through their behaviour, government policies that would bring about the turnaround that we desire in this nation.

ONCE  again, to our President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, it is expedient that the education sector should be revamped and that more grants, more allocations should be given it in order to develop and make it responsive to the need of the nation. To this end, the president should collaborate with the various bodies and unions in various tertiary institutions to find the way forward in the revamping of the education sector for productive purposes. Also, workers in Nigeria should have a new lease of life under this administration.

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THEREFORE, beyond salary increases, there should be good conditions of service as well as better retirement benefits to all workers so as to enjoy their loyalty, faithfulness and productive activities in their workplaces.

FINALLY  The Hope congratulates President Bola Ahmed Tinubu and as his slogan of “emi lo kan” still rings in the ears; we strongly hope that he will be the one that will bring about the Nigeria that would be a pride of Nigerians, of Africa and the world altogether. We sincerely hope that the thumb of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu would not be bigger than the waist of President Muhammadu Buhari.


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