Towards Seamless NIN Registration

EFFORTS of government to improve on the security of citizens and their territory should only earn accolades and enjoy maximum cooperation once they are confirmed to be genuine and out of patriotism . It is therefore important for Nigerians to realize that cyber-crimes of various degrees capable of running down economies , rendering organizations, corporate bodies and individuals bankrupt, facilitating assassinations and other crimes are cheaply committed when these criminals enjoy anonymity on the social media.
NOT a few Nigerian were dumbfounded when those that went into looted warehouses were recognized through their cell phones. In other words, the cell phone holds great potential in enhancing the security of the state. This scientific fact is widespread and the various countries of the world have employed them without disruption to socio-economic lives of the people. Not so with the Nigerian government that does not care to squander millions of man hours that would have been ploughed into productive efforts.
IT is a known fact that since the Federal Government directive to obtain National Identification Number days have been wasted when citizen repeatedly get turned back because “the picture could not be captured.”
ON several occasions, registrants so over whelm officials have to close shop in a hurry. A production staff disclosed on a National Television programme everyday that if necessary infrastucture and personnel were provided the exercise should have smooth sailing and completed ever since. To deliberately create bottlenecks in policy implementation in order to take care of vested interests has become an informal method of clannish, factional reward system of corruptive parolicalism. This mentality is carried too far to subvert the people and to protect criminal tendencies .
THE Hope believes that a central database is long over due in the land. Not only that, its non existence is wasteful and clearly a serious setback for genuine efforts at security and good governance.
WE daresay how many man hours would have been saved in the course of crime investigation and detention where there was a data base? Duplication of records is not only a dissipation of energies but a weird choice to live in the past. To be sure, the skills and technology of the stoneage are inadequate and in appropriate for this season.
OBSOLETE facilities and attitude cannot access good governance. We also understand that unless public officials are determined to be transparent in their activities, it may be difficult for them to adopt measures that would ultimately demand accountability . Our support for government efforts to identify her citizens and recognize foreigners are unshakeable . Nigerians need to demonstrate almost patience to enable government concentrate on its assignments
ON its part, government must show enough evidence that inter-departmental and inter-ministerial interactions are effectively observed in policy making. Frequent resort to disconnecting subscribers from telephony and internet services avoidable disruption of normal living and social economic activities are a clear indication of un-seriousness on the part of government personnel .
GOVERNMENT , it is claimed had informed the staffers that National Identification Number is a security issue, and therefore it recognizes them as para military agency, an essential services for which they would be adequately remunerated. This should be documented and communicated to them for implementation without further delay. It would boost their morale.
TO accelerate the current registration of subscribers, we recommend that facilities deployed by Independent National Electoral Commission for power supply, internet facilities should be made available for the National Identification Number for necessary speed.
WE of The Hope canvass that every other registration for election, driving, bank verification and the sort, must be linked to National Identification Network. Concerning the ongoing registration, voter and registration centres should be converted to registration centers, Apart from accelerating the process, it would also de-legitimize the conspiracy theory of government deliberately wasting millions of man hours to divert attention from its incompetence. Mobilization of officials and materials from departments and agencies can make a world of difference.

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Towards  Seamless NIN  Registration

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