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Towards socio-economic well being for Nigerians

By Ayodele Fagbohun


It is axiomatic that 2023 presidential polls, having been transparently won and lost not minding the concomitant legal fireworks, the wild recriminations, hollow arguments in the law court by opposition groups that approached the electoral tribunal and eventually law court for the sake of it, in sheer display of their “deep pocket and eventually played to the gallery.

Deep in their hearts, our politicians out of sheer lust for power are hell bent in truncating real democracy in preference to nihilistic style of governance which clearly enthrones clannish and jingoistic tribal politics.

Now that such arrangement has been consigned to the heap of forgotten history, all hands must be on deck to open a new tabula rasa, welcome Bola Tinubu’s presidency on board amid the obvious challenges and weighty problems left behind by the immediate predecessor in office, former president Muhammadu Buhari.

It is more imperative than hitherto to assert with much candour that the Tinubu’s presidency cum the political leadership in different spheres of influence must be up and doing, revisit socialism, as a universal socio-economic policy and political philosophy to salvage Nigeria from its socio-economic ordeal.

With passion and high expectation, the vast majority of Nigerian populace, the downtrodden envisage the in-coming political administration )not necessarily on specific political mantra) to mandatorily declare and proclaim socialism, in promoting prosperity social well being and material welfare of all Nigerian citizens without discrimination.

Socialisation or public control of the commanding height of Nigeria economy viz basic industries, transport, communication, banking and finance is sine qua non to socialism encapsulated in diligent effective planning of the economy. This is in sharp contrast to the present  confused mixed economy in the garb of capitalism which promotes naked self interest and greed.

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Unfortunately, some individuals who strayed into political rulership without scruple and remorse fleece and eventually bleed our otherwise robust and resilient economy .

Under socialism, every citizen in Nigeria will have equal access (1) to gainful and full employment (2) to education to the limit of his natural capacity and (3) to health facilities including food, potable water, good housing and decent clothing.

Socialism is a weapon against neo-colonialism which must be embraced to take firm root in the country. Our political leadership must not shy away from fighting relentlessly with a view to wiping out the scourge of  neo-colonialismn and political extremism in the country.

Ahmed Bola Tinubu’s Presidency must be grounded in right ideological orientation, radical outlook, clear vision, clairvoyance and pragmatism in identifying the national ailments basically and essentially economic. Having identified the national malaise, the onus is on the elected leadership in synergy with genuine stakeholders  to proffer right medicine to correct permanently the country’s anomalies over the years.

Whether we are conscious of it or not, it is true and has dawned on all and sundry that the overriding motivation for fighting the 30 months old civil war, ostensibly to keep Nigeria one, but it is purely economic.

Plato, the philosopher king and a thoughtful master-mind, said: “A state arises out of the needs of mankind, no one is self sufficient but all of us have many wants”.

He then asserted  that the true creator of a state is a necessity which is the mother of invention. The first and greatest of necessities is food the second is shelter or the dwelling place and the third, clothing and etc”.

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From the articulate political quarter, it is strongly canvassed that the compelling motivation is economic. And the political arrangements are necessary only in order to lay a firm and base for economic relations and social intercourse amongst the inhabitants of the state.

From the foregoing, it is the cardinal principle of every political aspirant to keep the country harmoniously united and in concord to fulfill the natural and inalienable purpose of unity.

Providentially, President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, a notable guru in finance, skillful manager of men and material attached utmost premium to advancement of economic prosperity and social wellbeing of the entire people of Nigeria without exception or discrimination.

As former state governor of Lagos between 1999 and 2003, Bola Ahmed Tinubu actively deployed his intrinsic financial wizardry, fabian commitment to good governance in all its ramifications.

His magic wand in transforming Lagos into a viable economy out of the chaotic and plan less venture of the pre-military era is noteworthy which cannot be forgotten in a hurry.

It is imperative to note that those who fought to keep Nigeria one, partly out of strong patriotic sentiments for United Nigeria, also performed the feat for overriding motivation, which is essentially economic.

Hence, there was urge and iron determination to fight and did so valiantly and courageously to keep the nation as an indissoluble and sovereign entity so as to enjoy mundane rewards.

Similarly, the hope of assured greater socio-economic and political well being in a united and peaceful Nigeria cannot be over emphasized.

The present insecurity remains the most harrowing, burdensome challenge and albatross in the country.

On the swearing-in of President Tinubu, there was a kind of reprieve on the incendiary activities of the Boko Haram and almost ceasefire on the reckless pillage and violent secessionist upheaval amongst the Igbo ethnic stock in the South East.

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All this is uncalled for and not compatible with any serious nation which hankers after national development and  progress.

However, this is a global phenomenon which could be successfully addressed by the martial ardour of the military and intelligence officers. Besides, our political leadership must be enlightened and alive to their primary responsibility of securing lives and property of the entire citizenry.

The nation is seemingly complacent and docile with pedestrian outdated and decrepit military arsenal in the face of sophisticated military hardware at the disposal of agents of terrorism and destabilization all over the nation.

The federal troops and other security agencies alongside other foreign assistance must be rejigged to smoke out banditry and other agencies of violence, kidnappings wherever they hide.

This untoward situation calls for urgent proactive, decisive new strategy, tactics planning and intelligence gathering to fish out the undesirable elements and their establishments that betray our nation sovereignty.

It should be reiterated that the post-war problems now assuming frightening and horrendous dimension stemmed from the ineptitude and carefree attitude of our political leadership to really identify the socio-economic problem and proffer solution for its complete cure.

There is no better time to address the problem than now, given right political leadership imbued with rich experience and indubitable track records of performance at the commanding height of government.

We must intensify our prayers for government to succeed in the arduous task of government, we as a nation must exercise enough patience for the government to triumph in its quest for good governance.

Towards socio-economic well being for Nigerians

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Towards socio-economic well being for Nigerians

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