Traditionalists ‘ll make heaven before christians, muslims – Ifa Priest

Traditionalists ‘ll make heaven before christians, muslims – Ifa Priest

From Fasusi Martins, Okitipupa
An Ifa Priest,  Gbodi Monday Omosule has claimed that most traditionalists will make heaven before  christians and muslims who have been seduced into worshiping mammon and not God.

Omosule who doubles as the Oba – Ala Olorisa of Ondo State stated this while speaking with The Hope in his palace at Okitipupa.

He said the belief that God is merciful and always gives  grace to the sinners encouraged  most of the people to get involved in ungodly habits including stealing

According to him, ” “One of the idols  that most christians and muslims have been seduced into worshiping today is mammon, the god of money.

”This worship even take place during services. People go to church and mosque to pray for money, to invest money and to learn about how to make money.   God has become a second place.

”But the word of God remains sure. No one can serve two masters. Either he will hate one and love the other.  You can’t serve both God and money ”

The Ifa priest  said that the  degree of  religiosity  in the country has not translated into good governance, but  rather it has destroyed the moral upbringings  of the people.

He said Nigeria has a corrupt value system that was  being promoted by its religious  leader  due to their beliefs and practice.

His words: ”The leadership and the structure of the church in Nigeria are as guilty as the politicians. They wrongly promote the concept that blessings will come through prayers and faith which has been the root of corruption in the country.

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”The rule of life is that you work hard for your results, you don’t wait for grace and favour to give you results without working for them ” he said.

Omosule described Ifa as omniscient, One  who knows yesterday.  today and tomorrow and that no one can serve him genuinely and suffer any lack.

He maintained  that as long as government refuse to recognize traditional practice, moral decadence will remain unabated.

”There is this lukewarm attitude on the part of government against traditional belief in the face of overgrowing influence of Christianity and Islam. and  until there is a deliberate effort  by government to address this lapses, we might not get it right,” he lamented.

Traditionalists ‘ll make heaven before christians, muslims – Ifa Priest

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Traditionalists ‘ll make heaven before christians, muslims – Ifa Priest

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