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Transit welfare scheme, for passengers’ safety – ODSG

The newly introduced Passengers Welfare and Security Transit Scheme by the Ondo State Chapter of National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW), was designed basically for the welfare and safety of travellers in the state and not for money making or a means of extorting passengers.

Special Adviser to the Governor on Transport, Tobi Ogunleye who declared this at a press conference in Akure during the weekend said the scheme was designed basically for the welfare and safety of travellers in the state.

According to a release signed by the Press Officer of the Ministry of Transport, Mrs Olamiposi Odofin, Ogunleye said the scheme is the initiative of NURTW, but only in partnership with the state government

He noted that in the events of an accident, victims and their relatives would be entitled to some compensation as will be determined by the insurance firm.

The Special Adviser disclosed that the scheme would also ensure security of lives of travellers as it would put an end to road side loading by commercial drivers.

Ogunleye added that it would now become an offence for drivers to carry passengers along the road.

He revealed that the N100 premium payment at every motor parks in the state will be handled by the insurance firm that will pay claims to the victims in case of accident, be it minor or fatal

The programme which is called Ondo State Passengers Welfare and Security Transit Scheme will be launched on Tuesday September 4th,2018 and will be handled by an insurance firm.

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His words:

“If you notice in recent times, the menace of highway ritual killings and kidnapping are rampant and most of the victims always accuse the drivers’ union of complicity.

“This is what actually inform the road transport workers to bring this initiative in order to wash their image clean of the accusations of this unwarranted situation. That is the basic background of the scheme.

“Most importantly is the question of safety and security of passengers. The idea of writing and keeping manifest at various motor parks has been for fun.

“Apart from data gathering, this scheme will be backed with an insurance cover of reasonable fee of N100. It is not about the money but about the safety in case of any accident.

“It was the initiatives of the NURTW in the state and we believe apart from writing the names of passengers at the parks, it has to be backed by insurance cover.

They now have an understanding with a private insurance company and they brought it to the government and we studied the proposal very well.

We weighed the pros and cons and in order to ensure sincerity to the scheme, that in case of  any accident when the passengers had paid the premuim, they will now sit down and see how claims and right of people are given even when they are no more in life because it covers life and permanent disability and minor injuries. This N100 per passenger per trip covers everything. It is not the making of the government.

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“You know if commercial increased their fares, we will just grumble because it is more or less a monopolistic business, if you don’t have a private vehicle.

“I want to commend the leadership of the NURTW for this great initiative because it is not that they are increasing fare but it is for value. The benefit is boldly written on the tickets.

“The fundamental reason why the state government keyed into this is that the government is concerned about the welfare and safety of the people, by implication it is going to be an offense for anybody that wants to go through commercial means out of Ondo State to be standing along the road.

Any vehicle that picks people along the road without the manifest will be impounded. We are also working with the Federal Road Safety Corps

“It is now mandatory if you are travelling to go to the parks. For us to know your destination and your family.

“We want to advise all travellers not to lay more emphasis on the N100 rather the importance and their safety. For all vehicles covered with this scheme and involved in accident, the victims are entitled to claims and brokers of Ondo state will protect all the supposed beneficaries. It is not that we are praying for deaths or accident, we can’t take away accident on the road but we want to mitigate it.”

Also speaking, the Principal Partner of the Insurance scheme, Aadel Consults and Associates, Dr. Isaac-Tony Ogidi said the firm is partnering with the government and the NURTW to ensure safety of passengers in the state.

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“We have been doing it in other states. It is designed to ensure that passengers have a kind of security. In essence, the premium paid will give the passengers a sense of security in case of any accident, that there will be a relief and in case of deaths, though no amount can equate to life but we will give the family something that will assauge them from emotional relief.

“For security, People traveling writing fake names of next of kins just to fulfil all righteousness will not become a thing of the past designed it that immediately you are entering the parks, you will receive an alert and even your next of kin will get the alert that Mr. X is making a trip from here to there. You are covered in such trips,” he said.

Transit welfare scheme, for passengers’ safety – ODSG

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Transit welfare scheme, for passengers’ safety – ODSG

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