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Trending Adire Styles

Trending Adire Styles

By Bamidele  Kolawole
As a distinctive textile type, adire first emerged in the city of Abeokuta, a center for cotton production, weaving, and indigo-dyeing in the nineteenth century. The prototype was tie-dyed kijipa, a handwoven cloth dyed with indigo for use as wrappers and covering cloths.

Now when we talk about Adire, people begin to create more interest In it because of its texture and the beauty.

They are typically handmade by Yoruba women and have strong connection to the Yoruba culture.

The bright colors and the way the fusion of the prints and patterns come together is so beautiful.

Abeokuta still remains the home of Adire fabrics. It now becomes some peoples favourite and they rock it anywhere they go.

It first emerged in the city for cotton production, weaving, and indigo-dyeing in the nineteenth century.

Adire (tie and dye) textile is the indigo–dyed cloth made in southwestern Nigeriaby Yoruba women, using a variety of irresistible  techniques.

The process of creating adire involves creating a unique pattern by treating certain parts of the fabric so that it won’t absorb the dye completely.

Adire was worn by women as wrappers and by the mid 60’s, adire textiles were used internationally to create men’s shirts in modern fashion.

The Yoruba label Adire, which means “tied and dyed,” was first applied to indigo-dyed cloth decorated with resist patterns around the turn of the twentieth century.

With the introduction of a broader colour palette of imported synthetic dyes in the second half of the twentieth century, the label “Adire” was expanded to include a variety of hand-dyed textiles using wax resist batik methods to produce patterned cloth in a dazzling array of dye tints and hues.

Adire patterns caught the eye of Nigerian fashion designers who adapted the designs to print high-quality cloth using imported colour-fast dyes in colours other than indigo.

Owena Press Limited (Publisher of The Hope Newspaper), Akure

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