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‘Tutor your daughters about Valentine’

By Sade Adewale, Ondo


Parents have been advised to educate their daughters in  secondary and higher institutions on what love is all about before they are lured into sex or being used for money rituals on Valentine’s day.

A human rights activist, Mrs Iyanuoluwa Adetimilehin stated this in an interview with The Hope in Ondo,

She said if they are not tutored especially in this Valentine period by their parents or guardians, apart from using them for money ritual, it can lead to unwanted pregnancy that can affect their future.

She noted that some ladies in higher institutions enjoy following married men because of money.

Adetimileyin urged parents to take up their responsibility by educating their daughters as partners so that they can be free to tell them things when they are harmed or humiliated.

She said that people need to see the Valentine day as an opportunity to show affection to their loved ones and not by taking advantage of the young girls.

Her words: “This period witnesses a lot of young people showing lust in risky ways. Many impulsive decisions are made in the heat of the moment such as unprotected sex which often leads to unwanted pregnancies and increased risk of acquiring sexually transmitted infections.

“On this day, too many girls would become defiled. Some girls have promised to allow their boyfriends deflower them to celebrate that day.

“A lot of girls would have encounters that would be fatal to their destiny. Many destinies would be contaminated, polluted and eventually pushed away from the path of God’s divine agenda for them.

“Sadly, this destiny might be one designed to compensate you for all the troubles you’ve been through raising that child; it could be a destiny that is designed to rise from mud to mega-glory and shake the world.

“But what happens when such a destiny is truncated by the devil through one silly lust affair.”


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