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Twinning with little darling

By Evelyn Omotoye
Wearing matching outfits with one’s kid is the in-thing now.It’s a big trend going on at the moment.

Although, this matching-outfit trend has cycled in and out of popularity for more than a century, It is not still considered as old fashion as sweet designs that make it cuter than ever are now in vogue.

Common with mum and daughter in the past century, the mum-and-me looks were decidedly girlish, emphasizing the mother’s youthfulness rather than the daughter’s maturity.

Nowadays, single parent, even men have taken over this trend, we see around charming, glamorous and irresistible father and son matching outfits, both traditional and casual. In fact you would love to have a little darling if you have not had one.

Most parents, especially mums like to and proudly wear the same colour, fabrics and style with their ‘first’ little darling just to flaunt their swags. Some do because they want their baby acceptable without passing any judgement.

While some fathers see it as a show of affluence wearing same attire with their son(s), some take it as having a twin junior they can take around as a companion for different occasions.

Whereas, some celebrities have taken “my baby and I” matching outfits to stratospheric levels of social media likes and paparazzi attention, the trend is gaining more popularity and even the common masses grab the opportunity to prove their swags.

Getting a matching outfits for you and your baby for former, casual or ceremonial outing is no longer a big deal, it doesn’t cost so much more either. Your designer can just take little of your material or you may need to get extra yards of clothe material and make for your kid.

Better still, you can gather those remaining pieces of your material to make some patches for mini you if you are a parent with leisure time to sew. And if you can’t make dress, get those things together and visit a good kiddies’ tailor to make a mirror image for your bom .

Now that we have some designers who specialize in making a ready to wear matching outfits, you can always book for your colour, sizes, styles and type of fabric or pick up a readymade pack for you and your baby and be the centre of attraction at any party.

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