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Two suspected robbers die in Ondo police  custody

Two suspected robbers die in Ondo police  custody

By Tola Gbadamosi
Two suspected robbers have reportedly died in police custody at the Ondo State police command, The Hope Metro has learnt.

 Sources close to the command hinted that the two suspected robbers  were allegedly caught some weeks ago during a robbery incident and were taken  to the police station.

The Hope Metro gathered that the suspects while still in custody on the fateful day suddenly shouted simultaneously, fell down and died.

The source disclosed that the dead suspects had earlier gone to rob some houses in Oda town.

It was reliably gathered that the owners of the houses they robbed thereafter consulted a Chief Priest of Ayelala, who allegedly invoked and rained curses on  them.

It was further gathered that victims of the robbery incident and their neighbours on hearing of the sudden death of the robbers fled their apartments for fear of arrest by the police, and that police might trace the cause of the death to them.

Meanwhile, the police have commenced investigations on the cause of the death of the suspects while their remains have being taken to the state mortuary.

Owena Press Limited (Publisher of The Hope Newspaper), Akure

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