Unemployment bane of Nigeria’s problem

By Bukola Olamona
Unemployment has been described as a multi headed problem confronting Nigeria in the 21 century ,which needed to be addressed without delay.

In her presentation titled ” Home Economics Education In Addressing Emerging Challenges On Security Matters And Unemployment in Nigeria Through Entrepreneurial Activities,Dr Mrs Mary Falana said unemployment rate and a vast population calls for entrepreneurial activities which are crucial to job creation and social security.

According to her ” Insecurity of lives and properties, unemployment, inflation, hunger, depression and crime( abduction, robbery)  have brought the nation to its knees”.

She stated that entrepreneurial skills are a necessity in ensuring that the labour force adjusts to the challenging needs of the unemployed adults and youths where vocational training in Home Economics can play a significant role in helping the Individual to acquire profitable skills.

” Entrepreneurial skills remains the panacea for the dreaded unemployment malaise confronting Nigerian populace.

“It is the entrepreneurial activities in Home Economics education that creates new enterprises, generates jobs and spurs innovation, teaches individuals to fish and eat fish for a life time and to become employers of labour and rather than job seekers”she added.

Falana said Home Economics is closely related to the social and economic standard of the society where in the olden days Nigerian child mostly females received their early traditional knowledge of home economics from their mothers and other relatives.

” The objectives of informal Home Economics Education was to maintain the code of conduct in preparation for their  future roles as wives and loving mothers” she said.

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She stated that Home Economics teachers’ sincere input in the dissemination of quality skill acquisition  to the learners is crucial to the students output in manipulation of skills.

Falana said  a good home economics teachers should attain good mastery of the subject matter, resourceful, punctuality,strive to improve academically through refresher courses ,seminar and higher degrees and many more.

She therefore called on government to expand Home Economics Education at the Primary and secondary levels to meet the demand of industrialization and entrepreneurial activities in home economics education at various level should be adequately funded .

Earlier,the state president,Mrs Fadaunsi Agnes said the  government at all level should ensure that home economics is  financed so as to make it viable.

She called on the participant to make judicious use of what they learnt at the training.


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Unemployment bane of Nigeria’s problem

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