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UNIMEDTH Physician denies charging exorbitant fee

By Kemi Olatunde

Physician in Charge, UNIMED teaching hospital, Akure complex, Dr. Adesina Akintan has refuted allegation leveled by a father of a three-year-old patient, Bayo Ganiyu that the facility charged exorbitant fee for services rendered.
Ganiyu said that he was made to pay huge amount of money for surgery fee and theatre equipment among others before a surgery could be carried out on his child.
Akintan while speaking extensively with The Hope stated that free health do not cover surgery noting that it only covers common ailments in children.
According to him, bills given to patients depend on the type of service to be enjoyed and added that the charge fee in the facility is low compared to what obtains elsewhere describing it as a social service.
He hinted that the patient was operated on due to intestinal obstruction which according to him isn’t covered by free health saying “you pay for surgical operation for that condition.”
Speaking further, he emphasised that “surgical operation is not free. It is only child birth and treatment of under five children that are free. Even with that, there are prerequisite before anyone benefit that is obtaining the Kaadi Igbeayo.”
He hinted that bills are broken down for surgery patients for clarifications stating that the facility does not charge for lab coat as claimed by the on line report.
He said that lab coats are personal properties of health workers which are never provided by government.
Breaking down the cost of operation, he said; “we have material for surgery, service charge including surgery fee, bed fee etc.
He explained that government hospitals cannot render free service to patients but can only charge patients ridiculously low fee for rendered services.
While describing the publication as a misrepresentation of fact due to lack of knowledge of used terminologies, he however called on people to always take responsibility rather than engaging in unhealthy criticism of government efforts aimed at bettering the lots of people of the state.

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