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UNIMEDTH to improve services with IHP- CMD

From Sade Adewale , Ondo

In a bid to improve healthcare services at the Ondo State Teaching Hospital (UNIMEDTH), the management has integrated Health Service Points into the line of their service.
The Service Points were designed to block all loop holes, improve service, and enhance business processes, for accountability and maximum benefits.
The Chief Medical Director, Dr. Oluwole Ige disclosed this in his office during an interview with journalists.
He said, in order to avoid system failure and ensure proper management of hospital consumables, each service point would interface between central store or Pharmacy department and the patients for dispensing, while billing, assessment and payments would be monitored alongside.
Ige urged them all to be proactive in their dealings with patients and the relatives, saying their oversight would ensure that, for every medical procedure patients undergo, proper billing and payments would be done to avoid patients absconding from the hospital.
According to him, he tasked all Head of Departments to be up and doing in their various units and identify several strategies that management can utilize amid COVID-19 to grow the teaching hospital into an enviable height.
Speaking earlier, the Chairman, Medical Advisory Committee (CMAC) Dr. Micheal Gbala, solicited the support of the concerned officers to work diligently and promote the good image of the hospital.
He said efforts of the Health Service Point officers cannot be over-emphasized amidst this COVID-19 pandemic.

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  1. When they already allowed 5 Patients to Covid-19 in less than a week due to incompetence. That’s 5 families in sorrow and pain.


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