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Unkept promise

By Kemi Olatunde
A promise is a debt, whoever promise someone anything without fulfilling it is a debtor. Therefore, it is not good to be a debtor .there are a lot of debtor in the world for example, there was a girl who was named Ibukun, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Adeniwura. They loved their daughter a lot, her teachers loved her a lot because she was well trained. Ibukun was a brilliant girl in school and at the end of every term she took home, a lot of prices such as the best student in the class and the most punctual student in the school.

When she was in primary four she wrote her common entrance and she became both the best in her school  and the best in the state. She was awarded a scholarship to complete her secondary school in any school of her choice. Though the scholarship didn’t matter to her parents but they liked the honor their child brought to them.

Ibukun gained admission into Federal Girl’s college, the school of her choice but her parent booed her saying the school was a public and local school that does not suit their family`s status. They chose their own choice of the school for their only child to go though Ibukun didn`t like the school but who was she to make a complain.

The resumption day was near and all Ibukun needed had been provided for thus she was ready to start her secondary school education. Ibukun had already started reading her book before resumption. On the first day in school Ibukun stood out from her classmate; all her uniforms, notebooks, textbook and stationeries were all ready and arranged. At the end of the day Ibukun had two friends namely Bunmi and Funbi, both were very good girls from very good Christian family.

Crack your ribs

The following conversation ensued between Akpos and his girlfriend based on her birthday gift.

Akpos: Hello who dey call

Jenny: It’s Jenny

Akpos: Jenny babe! You remembered my side today?

Jenny: You know that I am the caring type but school wouldn’t allow me visit you. Where are you and what are you doing?

Akpos: I dey chill for town! I dey on BB right now!

Jenny: You are a big boy now ooooo!

Akpos:  Na the levels be that! Always on BB level

Jenny: Do you know what today’s date is?

Akpos: Not at all

Jenny: You are no longer caring; you have forgotten that today is my birthday?

Akpos: I dey sorry Jenny, is that why you are calling?

Jenny: Just want to invite you over to my hostel to make my day

Akpos: There is no problem about that

Jenny: Ehen! Get me something special oooo!

Akpos: Like what?

Jenny: I want to be on BB too

Akpos: That one na small level for me to arrange.

After three hours, Akpos arrived with a brown paper bag with four corner shape and when Jenny saw him, she shouted with Joy.

Akpos: Shey na because of BB you dey shout like this?

After the whole thing he said:

Akpos: Jenny baby, I wan move! Take your BB

Jenny: Let me see you off fast, can’t wait to see my BB!

After 10 minutes Akpos received a call

Clara: Hello Mr. Akpos, your girlfriend fainted just now after opening a brown paper bag that contains Bread and Bean.

Akpos: Why now? Na still “BB” na!

Owena Press Limited (Publisher of The Hope Newspaper), Akure

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