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Unwanted pregnancy: Woman dies after daughter’s death

By Aderonke Adebayo


Tragedy struck in our neighbourhood when a middle aged woman caused the death of her only daughter and later gave up the ghost due to grief.

She was filled with anger and sadness. Here was a child she had been nursing all by  herself from childhood. She never thought that the solution she brought to their dilemma would cause such a calamity for her.

Trouble reared its ugly head in the family when the young lady got impregnated when she was still a student.

Mrs Johnson ( not real name) was so sad when her daughter called her she was pregnant. She had high hopes on her being the only child but the young lady was about to shame her mother by not meeting her expectations.

She was very furious and she berated her harshly for not facing her studies squarely as she told her and was indulging herself with men.

Although, the girl cried and begged for forgiveness, the mother was not appeased. She told her how disappointed she was with her conduct.

The mother refused anything that would truncate her daughter’s future and decided that she would abort the pregnancy for her.

She told her not to tell anybody about the pregnancy, not even the guy that impregnated her and come home immediately after her examinations.

Jumoke who was the only child of the family was a pretty and intelligent young lady who got pregnant at her 300 level.

After her exam, she came home just like her mother instructed, unknown to her, her mother planned to terminate the pregnancy for her.

It was early in the morning when her mother gave her some drugs and concoction to use so the pregnancy could come down to avoid shame among the neighborhood which she did.

About one week later, Jumoke started complaining of stomach pain without stopping.

This attracted the neighbours and they rendered help to the mother. Jumoke was taken to the hospital.

After series of tests, it was discovered that the concoction she took had forcefully aborted her pregnancy and the illegal abortion had affected her womb.

She was treated and few days later, she was discharged. Strangely, she developed complications on the way home and she gave up the ghost before they got home.

The death of Jumoke was a shock to her mother and the neighbourhood as her matter became a huge scandal.

When she was rushed to the hospital, her mother confessed what she did and the scandal became the talk of the town.

This ugly development ate into her wellbeing and she became sick. The sickness which many residents thought was grief and heartbreak led to a terrible illiness which later took her life.

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