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‘Upcoming artistes not getting promoters’

By Omowumi Ajibogun

An upcoming gospel artiste, Olowowusi Obajide Obafemi, has said that it would be difficult to produce songs and get it promoted in music industry while they are not yet popular.
According to him, life has not being easy while becoming a star, adding that with the help of God, he has been able to make ways in the industry.
In an interview with Friday extravaganza, he narrated how life was while rising, among other issues.
He said Life as an upcoming gospel artiste has been very dramatic tough and fun at the same time. He said also that moving from Ado to Akure has made things more difficult due to the fact that the two cities are totally different from each other.
He noted that life has now been awesome for him as a artiste , adding that God has been helping him.
He stated that singing has opened so many doors of opportunities and achievement for him, assuring that is bound to record great success in life.
The gospel singer who is still an undergraduate in open University informed that he started singing when he was a young boy at the age of 10.
He stated his challenges in the gospel music firstly, was changing of environment and exposing himself to new ideas around while trying to adapt to it.
According to him, if you are not well known in the gospel line, it would be a difficult thing to do songs and get it promoted.
He continue that the churches around doesn’t really help upcoming artistes because when they invite you, some will find it hard to appreciate your effort.
He stated that he chose his role models based on the type of gospel genre and how their songs are being done and how it manifest.
He continued that he has released three songs which are
Wake up…, Èsè (thank you), MAYO.
He advised his colleagues to keep doing what they love doing most, and they should always put God first in what they do.

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