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‘Utilise summer holiday to learn trending skills’

By Omowumi Ojo


Ahead the coming long vacation for primary and secondary school students, experts have shared divergent opinions on how best they can make the most of it.

The third term vacation is known to be the longest holiday period for students; it also marks the completion of an academic session and the beginning of a new academic year.

Going for summer lesson, however, has become the standard practice for pupils.

Speaking with The Hope, a learning and development professional, Sam Koriyama advised that parents should try and shift the attention of their children partially from academics because they spend most times in school during session.

According to him, “the best thing the students need to do is to go for skills acquisition. They should learn what they are interested in and parents should have known what their children are interested in”.

Koriyama said parents should help their wards to create a career path or career interest by directing them towards some aspects of career they may have interest in.

“This is the best time for them to start learning future jobs. The burden on their parents will be less. They can go for computer training, data management, data science and analytics.

Koriyama added that students could start from learning simple Excel, stating that “digital marketing is the future job whether we like it or not and the best time they can start learning is now when they are still young.

The learning and development professional said, “the bottom line is to use this opportunity to shift their attention off academics a bit”.

He advised that summer lessons should be converted to vocational capacity building platforms, where students can learn both trending and future skills.

In contrary, an educationist at Adeyemi University of Education, Dr. Seun Akorede Olaleye strongly advised against students learning skills while on holiday.

According to her, “vacation is to allow the children rest and prepare for the new session so there would be no complete break in terms of losing touch with school.

“If you say learn a skill, how long do they have to learn a new skill? Will it not act as a distraction? Because, you can’t take control of anybody’s mind”.

Olaleye said summer lesson should be supervised and strongly encouraged, stating that “the students can delve into something else when they pass their qualifying exams and choose whatever skill they want. Then, they will be mentally fit”.

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