UTME Mass Failure: Expert urges holistic approach

By Iranlowooluwa Jegede


As the woeful performance of candidates in the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) continued to generate debate, educationists have recommended a holistic approach to forestall the ugly development .

Recall the 2024 UTME results released by the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) showed that of the 1,842,464 released results, a paltry 0.4per cent scored above 300, 24 per cent scored 50per cent  (200/400) and above while 1,1,402,490, which is 76 per cent of the candidates got below 200 out of the total 400 marks.

While pointing out that students and their parents have some share in the blame, educationists believed that the poor result was an omen of a systemic failure in the Nigerian educational system

In an interview with The Hope, Mr John Adeniyi emphasized that while students bear some responsibility for their performance, the root causes of the problem lie in systemic deficiencies within the education sector.

He highlighted the critical need for improved infrastructure, including better learning facilities, qualified teachers, and access to resources such as the internet and computers. Without these essentials, creating a conducive learning environment remains a challenge.

Adeniyi stressed the importance of parental involvement in their children’s education.

He lamented the tendency for parents to prioritize their jobs over their children’s academic needs, calling for greater support, encouragement, and guidance from families.

“A conducive learning environment is important for students to perform too, but we lack these things.

“Both Parents and teachers should actively participate in their children’s learning, providing support, encouragement, and guidance.

“Schools can facilitate this involvement by providing regular feedback and communication on the child’s performance, but parents focus more on their Jobs and neglect their children,” he said.

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Recognizing that traditional classroom settings may not suit every student’s learning style, the educationist advocated for alternative forms of education such as online learning and after-school support programs.

He urged all stakeholders, including the government, educational institutions, parents, and students, to work collaboratively in addressing the multifaceted challenges facing Nigeria’s education system.

Only through concerted efforts to improve infrastructure, enhance teaching quality, foster parental engagement, and explore alternative learning models can the country hope to reverse the troubling trend of mass exam failure, the lecturer believed.

Meanwhile, some Nigerians have taken to social media to call for improved funding and budgetary allocation for education, improved standards, parental responsibility, curtailing abuse of smartphones, good teachers and school facilities.

UTME Mass Failure: Expert urges holistic approach

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UTME Mass Failure: Expert urges holistic approach

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  1. This is the real situation Nigeria student are facing which leads to this mass failure in this current UTME result. We urge the government, teachers and parents to help us finding solution to the problem of mass failure in JAMB.

    Abuse of Smartphones by the candidate and youth at large is a major problem to academic failure. Let’s work together to fight against failure both in JAMB and all institutions of learning.

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