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We can’t be together after taking me to court!

By Sunmola Olowookere


An estranged wife is hell bent on parking out of her husband’s house. Her husband who had earlier sued her for divorce has made a drastic turn around and begged her for a reconciliation .
He had also appealed to the magistrate presiding over their case to help him beg his wife to forgive him and that he no longer wants a divorce. Everyone including the wife was shocked at his words.
The people in court; lawyers and their family members were shocked because the man was the petitioner in the case and he had been very vehement in his claims at the last court sitting.
Although his wife wept then for shame at how he publicly ridiculed and cooked up lies against her, his stance was not softened as he insisted then through his lawyer that he was through with her.
As the man now pleaded for forgiveness when he was supposed to close his case and the wife to respond to the petition, his lawyer gaped and the lawyer procured by his lawyer looked at him suspiciously.
He was suspicious because they had tried to settle before their appearance before the court but he had maintained his stand that he was through with the wife.
Looking at his wife’s hard face, he begged the magistrate “please, my lord, help me to prevail upon her not to leave me..
The magistrate had to interject “But you were the one leaving her. I urged you to seek means of settlement at the last sitting, but you were adamant”
“I just realized how much I still love her. I was childless when I married her. She is the mother of my children and I can never leave her. It is my first wife that is pushing me against her”. The man begged earnestly.
Although the wife was shaking her head vehemently in refusal and tried to make some gestures, the magistrate had ignored her and had adjourned the case so that parties could seek all open means of reconciliation.
He ordered that they must come to court with reports of settlement on the next adjourned date or prepare to proceed with the divorce case.
Since then, he had been sending emissaries to beg his wife but she too said that she was through with the marriage and wants divorce. No one could change her mind. Those that persisted in persuasion got insulted for their efforts.
Whenever the woman recalled what she had been through in the man’s house, she objected to all offers of reconciliation.
She married him as a young impressionable because he begged her to help him and his wife as they were unable to bear children.
As fate would have it, she got pregnant soon after their marriage and gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. She had other two kids; a boy and a girl within five years. She was happy and thought she was made.
Erroneously, she thought that her husband sought other women arms due to the first wife’s inability to get pregnant.
Indeed, he built a separate building for her and she felt secured in her position as the second and last wife. Alas, things were to change.
10 years on, he began to have affairs with other women. Before she could say jack Robinson, he had married four women after her. He began to neglect her and the kids shamefully. It was like a nightmare as she had stopped working after she married him upon his request.
It was difficult to make ends meet and fend for the kids. Hence, she had to go back to her hairdressing business which she had put aside as soon as she got married.
They became bitter enemies as she never thought he would treat her in such a shoddy manner. It eventually got to a head that the man had taken his wife to court.
Now that he seemed to swallow his words, will she forgive him?

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