We dance to minister to souls – Abiodun Babalola

By Oluwadamilola Akinduro


A dance instructor, Abiodun Babalola popularly known as ‘Abbey Dance’ in an interview with Weekend Extravaganza, disclosed, that his dance connects people to faith and offers a message of hope.

 Babalola who said the dance concept was borne out of the challenges Nigerians are currently facing, hence the need to uplift souls from adversity.

“In a world saturated with complaints and hardship, we yearned to paint a different picture, one danced in hues of unwavering hope.

“It was a time we were surrounded by challenges that tested our faith and we believe that in the face of adversity, art has the power to heal, inspire, and uplift.

“It was in this strength we were inspired to theme it ELPIZO- meaning hope. Hope, a seed amidst the storm: We saw the struggles, the anxieties, and the weight of a world seemingly teetering on the edge. Yet, nestled amongst the shadows, a flicker remained – the human spirit’s unyielding capacity for hope.”

Babalola, the convener of Gospel of dance 2023 hinted that the two hours 30 minutes dance organized left the audience in array of overwhelming joy.

He said “The audience’ reaction sparkled emotions that can only be described as awesome. The dances connected people to their faith and offered a message of hope. The dancers poured their souls into every dance, painted the air with melody and played a vital role in the magnificent masterpiece. They didn’t just dance; they ministered, touched hearts, sparked faith, and ignited hope through the language of movement.”

Speaking on the challenges encountered, Babalola said finance was the major challenge for his academy but with team work and sponsors, he was able to pull through.

According to him, he said in five years, he sees himself not just as a dancer or a founder, but a bridge, connecting hearts, spreading hope, and celebrating the universal language of Gospel dance. This journey starts now, with every step, every beat, every story told through movement.

“My dance ministry wouldn’t be confined by borders. I see myself collaborating with other dance ministries around the world, participating in festivals, and leading workshops, exchanging knowledge and igniting new flames of passion.

“I see myself authoring books that delve deeper into the theology and artistry of Gospel dance, offering practical guidance and inspiring new practitioners.”

We dance to minister to souls – Abiodun Babalola

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We dance to minister to souls – Abiodun Babalola

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