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‘We preach against social vices through dance’

By Damilola Akinmolayan

A fast rising gospel dancer, Abiodun Babalola, an instructor of a Gospel dancing known as ‘Gospel of Dance; born and brought up in Akure, Ondo State has revealed that spiritual messages are embedded in dance steps.

Abiodun stated this during an interview with The Hope Friday Extravaganza in Akure. Excerpts:

What is Gospel of dance all about?

Gospel of dance is a liturgical dance platform to show forth the divinity’s creative dimensions through the use of Dance and Theatre.

Over the decades, people believe dance is just for entertainment, recreation and partying but we came to light to paint the scriptures in pictures and postures through dances and artistic display.

Gospel of Dance also known as G.O.D is a divinely orchestrated platform for dance to be creatively displayed to convey scriptural inspirations, motivational and sensational messages and all our dance steps have different messages they portray.

How is it different from the normal dance?

It is quite different from the normal dance as our perception of dance centres on imparting our audience with positive message and making a meaning out of every move.

Each of our dance steps aren’t for entertainment but could be entertaining due to the powerful artistic display but beyond that, our target is to give every movement meaning accordingly thereby communicating with our audience in clear terms.

Movement speaks louder than voice, so to see us move, is to hear our heart cry.

We dance with clear understanding and Godly perspectives. We use Godly and inspirational music for our performances thereby conveying the true meaning of songs.

What messages are you trying to pass across?

It is simply the message of peace. We serve the Prince of Peace and the assignment He has given unto us is to go round the world to preach.

He has given every man his tool for preaching. To some it’s their voice, they are seen as pastors, musicians etc, while to us it’s our movement. Our messages so far has been about Salvation, Restoration, worship, praise, warfare, adoration etc .

We are also socially inclined as we use dance to preach against lots of social vices like; drug abuse, domestic violence, human trafficking, HIV Aids, deforestation and other issues of societal concern.

We do interpretative dance to demonstrate different issues of life which has had lots of positive effects in the life of our audience.

Your advice to parents?

Dance is a recreational and therapeutic activity. Every child loves to dance as they react to beats from the womb. Parents should allow their children to explore in a carefully guided environment.

Parents should give their children the guided freedom of exploring their talent. As a Dance teacher/instructor, I will like to encourage parents to find out about the classes their children desire to join.

Let’s encourage our children to be the best in whatever career they choose, skills and talent they are interested in.

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