Wealth, power lure people into money rituals – Ifa priest, clerics

By Maria Famakinwa


The market seems to be attracting more patronage going by the frequent reports on the number of arrest by security agents of people now trading in human parts for money rituals.
Most of the reported incidents sound unbelievable even as they represent depravity as killing human beings and sales of their body parts including organs have become a thriving business. Ritual killings are becoming a common practice in Nigeria. Gullible Nigerians, including the educated ones have been made to believe in the effectiveness of such rituals to bring them sudden wealth, power and influence by using human parts, even the dead are not spared.
Ritual killings continue unabated across the country that a week will hardly end without a report of such. In January last year, the Osun state police command arrested a 42-year-old cementary attendant, Adesina Adeniyimi for allegedly possessing human skulls and livers at Iwo-road. Another 29-year-old suspect, Lekan Raheem, after his arrest last year July by the Nigeria Immigration Service(NIS), Oyo State Command confessed that his gang had killed some children and sold their body parts for ritual purposes after successfully luring the innocent children with biscuits. Men of the Ogun State police command were also reported to have arrested a 55-year-old man, Yesiru Salisu last year November for being in possession of four human skulls, two dry human hands and three jaws.
As young as this year is, it has also recorded sad stories of death related to rituals. One of such was that of Tajudeen Monsuru, a suspected ritualist who was arrested by Osun State Police Command and confessed to killing his two girl friends, dismembered them and sold their heads for N20,000 each.
Also, it was reported that officers of the Osun State Police Command arrested a Muslim cleric identified as Tiamiyu Yusuf with a human head. The cleric confessed to the police that he bought the human head for N20,000 to give a friend who wanted to use it for money ritual. Another suspected ritualists, Abdulkadir Wada and Adamu Abdulrauf were arrested this month in Bauchi State for allegedly killing and removing the vagina if a little girl for N500,000.
Another shocking news trending now was the discovery of a tunnel allegedly used for ritual purposes at Orile-Iganmu area of Lagos State by the State Police command. One of the suspects found with human parts was said to have been burnt to death by a mob while police rescued the second suspect.
Investigation by this writer and interviews conducted with Ifa priest, traditionalist and religious leaders revealed some hidden truths on the authenticity of money ritual and why people trade in human parts.
In his comment, an Akure based traditional priest, Chief Oguntolu Adifagbade, confirmed that there are money rituals and explained that people are killing for rituals because they want quick money as they are not patient and contented, they want to get rich through any means, forgetting that we came to the world with different destinies. He said,” If one is not destined to be rich, no matter how hard the person try, he will not succeed. That is why some in the process of getting quick money lose their lives, why some after getting the money, will not live to enjoy it because they did not wait for their right time.”
Chief Adifagbade who further revealed that it is not until one kills another for ritual before becoming rich hinted that some people are rich without venturing into any diabolical act. “Those who get their money diabolically will die untimely without enjoying the money. We need to be contented and wait for God’s plan.” On why some involved in money rituals said that we have people with different agenda, as a tradionalist, I own a title of ‘Chief Eshorun’ (The father of all masqueraders) which forbids seeing dead. Why do we have to kill to be rich, when we will die one day and leave the money? We should just be patient and wait for our own time to be rich, to avoid untimely death.”
Another Akure based Ifa Priest, visited by this writer, Mr Adeniyi Ifasikuola Afe, who also confirmed that there is money ritual however condemned using human organs for money. He explained that there are other ways of getting rich without using human parts. His words: “One can become rich, get fame and position through mixture of different herbs with body cream, soap, powder that will help the person to be loved by those who can assist him/her to achieve the person’s desire which is called (Awure) concoction for general likeness that brings unmerited favour.”
On why some people use human body parts for money rituals instead of the concoction for favour said that people prefer the former to the latter because of the belief that using human body parts works faster. The Ifa priest who revealed that many youths are now involve in money rituals which they call yahooplus due to unemployment, poverty, peer pressure, oppression among others. He however warned against using human body parts for ritual purposes as everyone according to him would reap what he/she sowed. “There is need for people to consult genuine priest who can tell them more about their destinies before taking any spiritual step because what works for Mr. A might not for Mr. B”.
In the contribution of the Chief Imam of Akure, Alhaji Abdulhakeem Yayi-Akorede, who also confirmed that there is money ritual observed that the issue of killing or selling human parts which he described as a great sin before Almighty Allah is rampant in the society to achieve materialistic things of life like fame, money, position or metaphorical power. He condemned some spiritual leaders who are fond of supporting perpetrators of the heinous crime for whatever reason as he reminded them of Allah’s judgment that whoever kills other unjustly would be killed.
His words: “People particularly youths should be patient and wait for their time so that they can be blessed by their creator instead of engaging in illegal deal of killing or selling human parts as business. People who are in the habit of aspiring for positions through the sacrifice of human parts, should desist as this will not be forever.”
Sharing a similar sentiment, the Imam of Police Officers’ Mosque, Akure, Alhaji Taofiq Akintola, who also affirmed that there is money ritual condemned the act and attributed selling of human parts to the devil’s handiwork revealed that some people engage in the evil act of selling human parts for riches, power and fame. His words:, “The issue of selling human parts has gotten out of hand, a suspect who engaged in the act was arrested sometimes ago and he revealed that he got the human parts from the lifeless bodies of victims of road accident, that whenever he heard of any road crash, he rushed there to search for their body parts which he sold for N10,000 and N20,000″
He explained that most of the sellers of human parts take it as pleasure while those buying from them die untimely because they already had covenant with the devil. He however warned that anyone who kills a soul is equivalent to killing of the whole world, adding that hell is the greatest punishment for such person while some receive their punishment by running mad or become abnormal being before their death.
A Senior Pastor of Kingdom Lane Assembly, Mr Olatunji Oluyomi, lamented the rise in ritual murders across the country and described the act as worrisome and forbidden said that he did not believe in money rituals because most of the people who engage in the evil act die mysteriously and charged parents to be more alive to their responsibilities. He added that any country that shed innocent blood will find it difficult to experience peace.
His words:,” Though there were reported cases of money ritual, but I want you to know that it is a scam. It is another way the devil is sending gullible minds to their early graves. It is sad and surprising that majority of the suspects caught in the barbaric act are youths who are expected to use their youthful strength on what will be more beneficial to them and the society. Dealings in human parts does not bring money or fame as some people erroneously believe, but it brings curses, sicknesses, untimely deaths and eternal damnation. It is only the blessing of the Lord that maketh rich without adding sorrow according to Proverbs chapter 10 verses 22,”he concluded.

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Wealth, power lure people  into  money rituals –  Ifa priest, clerics

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Wealth, power lure people  into  money rituals –  Ifa priest, clerics

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