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‘Wearing padded bra, pants is to make up for our flat shape’

‘Wearing padded bra, pants is to make up for our flat shape’

By Maria Famakinwa
Wearing foam padded brassieres and pants is the new trend among Nigerian ladies these days, apparently to give them fuller busts and attractive buttocks in order to enhance their beauty and appearances.

Findings revealed that 80 percent of ladies and married women do wear foam brassieres and pants, thus showcasing fake curves to deceive gullible men who are easily distracted with ladies’  shapes.

Some of the ladies sighted buying padded foam brassieres and pants at Oja-Oba market revealed to The Hope that they were left with no choice but to buy foam padded brassieres and pants to improve their images and accentuate their beauty,  because people usually mock their body shapes, which affect their self esteem negatively.

They disclosed that getting money to buy them came as a relief, as it will save them from embarrassment and make them keep up with the trending fashion.

One of them, Adejoke Adeyeni, who was there to buy padded foam pant said she appreciated the brain behind the beautiful idea that gives ladies with flat buttocks like hers an opportunity to repackage and enhance their curves, which hitherto have been a serious cause of concern to her.

When told that some ladies with flat buttocks,  did not see any benefit in adding extra buttocks,  she said,” There is nothing bad taking steps to improve on one’s beauty and restore one’s confidence. People view things differently and either or not it is beneficial depends largely on the goals an individual set for herself regardless of societal perception.

“Iam comfortable wearing padded foam pant to show that I have big buttock, after all, some ladies have  undergone plastic surgeries outside the country for buttock enlargement and also paid exorbitantly despite the risk involved,” she stated.

Also, a beautician, Mrs Olufemi, said  she came to buy padded foam pant because she was wearing ”iro and buba” Yoruba native dress to a social function and  since she has flat buttock, it is necessary to buy padded foam pant to help show her curve and make her look beautiful in it.

When asked if it was the new fashion,  in vogue revealed that 80 percent of women and ladies now went about with fake boobs and buttocks to show of their curves which was the reason that gave rise to the popular saying that ”packaging lolaye.” Meaning we are in the world of packaging. Thank God it is not expensive. If you are not fat, you can get it for N1,700,  while fat women can get theirs for N3,500.”

Sharing similar sentiment, a youth corp member, who simply gave her name as Ebere,  explained that she was okay with the size of her buttock, but came to buy padded brassiere to boost the size of her breast,  which to her was small. ”I love wearing padded foam brassieres because it helps to enhance my small bust and make it look fuller and attractive. It also create cleavage that makes me look fantastic in  clothes.”

When told that her breast was of normal size, she disagreed and said,” This is not the size of breast I eager for, not even now that ladies with big boobs are out there trying to use their endowment to snatch any man. I need to wear it because my fiance like big chest.”

When advised that faking large boob was an act of deceit, she  responded that it depends on how one view it. ”If wearing padded foam brassieres to keep my man whose interest I am protecting is term deceitful, let it be. So far it makes my breasts bulge out with seductive pointed shape to keep my fiance, nothing else matters.”

Ebere’s friend who also came to buy padded brassieres  despite having big boob said that her reason for using padded bra was to keep her breast standing firm and to also prevent her nipples from showing through her top.

According to her, ”It is a myth that padded foam brassieres are only worn by women with small bust. It can also be used by women with bigger breasts to get a smooth look while ensuring modesty. It also prevent your nipples from showing through your top and save you unnecessary embarrassment. Padded brassieres cover your nipples sufficiently even if they become erect due to cold weather.”

One of the sellers of foam padded brassieres and pants, Ikechuwku Ogbonna, described women as too vain and artificial, who never get  satisfied with what they have. He explained that padded  foam brassieres are of two types, the double and the single,  but hinted that ladies prefers the double to the single  despite advising them against double foam brassieres due to the health hazard. ”Some ladies  after picking the double foam brassieres against my advice later came complaining of discomfort and chest pain.

”I pity men of nowadays, because ladies are very deceitful. The curve most of them show of that makes men go crazy are body attachments. Most homes have broken due to lack of sincerity on the part of ladies,  because not all men will want to keep such woman as wife after discovering that the pointed, big boobs and big buttock he saw that got him attracted to the lady were foam attachments. I wonder why ladies cannot appreciate how creator created them,”  he added.

On how much he sells them, he said the pant foam cost between N1,700  to N3,500 while single foam bra cost betweenN700 to N1000,  and the double foam bra goes for N800.

Owena Press Limited (Publisher of The Hope Newspaper), Akure

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