Welcome On Board, Adelami

GOVERNANCE  abhors vacuum. The inevitable is nature’s way of inhibiting the giant strides of humanity at creating a better world, but given help from above, a political system moves forward. The untimely and inevitable demise of Governor Rotimi Akeredolu, a man loved beyond the shores of Ondo State, created a huge vacuum that needed to be filled to continue his legacies, and ensure that Ondo State sustains her enviable position in the Federation. With Governor Lucky Orimisan Aiyedatiwa in the saddle, another vacuum was created in the office of the Deputy Governor. The HOPE and the good citizens were pleasantly relieved with the announcement of a new Deputy Governor, Dr Olayide Adelami, an Owo indigene as the sustaining helping hand to the new Governor of the State.

WHILE we welcome the new Deputy Governor into the saddle of power, it is gladdening to observe that Dr Adelami has garnered years of productive experience, unrivaled epochal performances, high reputation in financial planning and management, and remained a man of enviable integrity. A man with proven records and grace in public finance, is an indispensable requirement for the successful governance of Ondo State in a time as this. Given that the State House of Assembly had also observed that the new Deputy Governor possesses the required charisma and needed exposure to function effectively, The  Hope is also assured of high level productivity with the latter’s promise to do everything at his disposal to function effectively with a pledge not to disappoint the people of Ondo State.

WHILE it is noteworthy that Adelami proposes as his priority, the  promotion of a right understanding between the arms of government in the State, it is pertinent to insist, as the constitution provides, that assigned duties from the Governor must be taken as the first priority, and all actions and inactions of the Deputy Governor must be in tandem with the vision and aspiration of the Governor, with the sole aim of ensuring smooth relationship that would engender the peace and development of Ondo State and her people.

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Therefore, The Hope calls for a smooth and understanding relationship between the Governor and his Deputy in the face of political intrigues that would engulf the State in preparation of the forthcoming Local Government and Gubernatorial elections. While we call on Governors to treat their Deputies well and tap from their initiatives while giving them opportunities to contribute their quotas to the development of the State, especially in their areas of expertise; Deputy Governors should in loyalty, humility, void of treachery and rancour serve the people and ensure the success of administration for the people.

WE, therefore call on our Deputy Governor to rally round the Governor, assist him and ensure that Ondo State and her peoples do not for a second time experience the turbulence, setbacks and confusion that accompanied the politics programmed displacement, and hence frosty relationship between the former Governor, and his deputy in the corridors of power. We expect therefore that Adelami would rather use his experience in public financial management to develop programmes, policies and training that would ensure that the State prospers and carries out his  duties without subjecting the workers and people to more pains and agonies in the months to come.

WE must also inform that given the period in which he occupies  the seat of power, there is a need to insulate himself from the political shenanigans, bootlickers and trouble makers who would do all things to create a wall between himself and the Governor, in order to throw spanners in the wheel of progress of the State. It is a known fact that those conspirators of backwardness would always seek to recruit people in power into their rank and file. So, we, at The Hope insist that, ‘when sinners entice you, do not consent’.

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GIVEN  the past records of the Dr Olayide Adelami, we are persuaded of good things concerning him, and look towards a robust relationship with his boss, as well as more positive dividends to the people of Ondo State in particular, and Nigeria as a whole. In the light of this, we also encourage the Governor, Mr. Lucky Orimisan Ayedatiwa, to appoint round pegs in round holes as he sets up his new cabinet.  We admonish all the citizens of the State to rally round this new administration and give it all the support needed to ensure that our Sun shines again.

Welcome On Board, Adelami

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