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What is the pride of a woman?

By Damilola Akinmolayan


Women occupy an important position in every society. That is why some people call them the spice of life. As a matter of fact, a man does not seems to be complete without a woman figure in his life, either as a mother or as a daughter.
A woman means many things to many people. To some a woman is a mother. To others she is a daughter. To another person a woman is a wife. A woman can also be a friend. Whichever way, women are very strategic and hardly can anybody do without a woman.
However, there are also negative sentiments that some people attach to women. For instance, there are people who think a woman is just a sex object. There are also people who regard a woman as a cook or someone to help them with house chores.
What exactly is the pride of a woman? What should make a woman live and move with dignity and self esteem? How should every woman perceive herself, in terms of her roles in the society and in the life of everybody around her?


Mrs. Rashidat Michael

Awoman’s pride is in her happiness whether single or married. Her pride is her joy, ability to love and be loved. Her pride is to be appreciated not because she is a man’s wife, but because she is a woman.







Mrs Gloria Ayoola

The pride of a woman begins immediately after birth and she also becomes born again because it is one thing to be born and another is to be born again.
A woman must be of good character which is her pride. The pride of a woman is when she has a crown which is her husband, because if a woman does not have a crown, there is no pride and she will be insulted by different people.
If she has a crown, no matter the physical stature, she will be found with pride in the eyes of everyone.
Women are specially made by God and He called us beautiful. If we gather men, we will find out that out of a hundred, two percent are handsome, but virtually all women are beautiful. So, we must be conscious of ourselves right from the hair on our head to our dressing and the way we express ourselves in a gathering.



Mrs. Esther Alabi

The pride of a woman is her husband because her husband is her glory. Likewise the hair making of a woman is her pride, as it also adds beauty to her. Related to that is her character which must project her as a good wife. After all, people give honor to a woman with good character while we must also dress moderately, unlike some women that underdress.
Women should be humble to their husbands and take good care of their children, because children are the pride and future glory. Also, we need to have the fear of God because in everything we engage ourselves, we must involve Him to see the beautiful outcome.








Mr Kehinde Oluduro

A woman’s pride are her children. Let us start from marriage. Whenever couples wed, the families of both sides will be expecting pregnancy and people will start counting days for them after the wedding.
They feel great whenever their women are pregnant. In my local government at lrele, if we notice that a woman is pregnant, we care for her like an egg and start monitoring things she does in the house. When she has a child, this will give her more, dignity, joy and respect. Her status will change from wife to a mother.






Pastor Mrs Grace Ariyo

Pastor (Mrs) Grace Ariyo is of the view that “the pride of a woman is not about her virginity, but it is about her character and intelligence. Now you may be wondering what nonsense I am talking about, but before you begin to judge or counter me let me elaborate.
Many girls feel worthless because they are not virgins. They have heard talks like when you lose your virginity, you have lost all it takes to be a woman.
Now do you think this reasoning is right? I do not intend to encourage promiscuity among the female gender through this .
I am a believer in sex after marriage. A woman’s pride lies more on her character, a lot, and so does her intelligence. There won’t be a guy who would want a lady with bad character or a foolish one whether she is a virgin or not. A lady can then be said to be worthless when she has no reputable character and has very low intelligence.
Some people would want to argue that virginity is the gift to give one’s husband. Yes! This may be true, but virginity is not what keeps a family together. There are ladies who got married as virgins, but today they are divorced. Many ladies lose their virginity nowadays for all the wrong reasons, but there are some who are not virgins for the right reasons. To those who are still virgins, congrats!! It’s a virtue. To those who are not, do not lose your self worth. Being an ideal woman is not all about your virginity.

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