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Who cursed you? Relax, His love surpasses the curse

By Odunayo Ketiku


Genesis 4: 1-15

The main purpose of this message is to encourage you to take your eyes off from whatever you are going through or whoever the devil wants you to blame for your present unpleasant situation. You may be asking why you should be re-focused.
The reason is because this scripture makes us to know that the love of God surpasses every curse. No wonder Paul kept praying for believers in Ephesus and Galatia that they would receive deep inspiration about the surpassing love of God (Eph. 3: 11-19).
Let’s see God’s Love in action in the life of Cain.
v Cain offered an offering that God rejected. As a result, he became angry, yet God saw his countenance and asked him why he was angry. You see, God was interested in Cain’s countenance.
v He went ahead to warn Cain of the impending danger of sin. God surely did not want Cain to fall into the trap of an avoidable sin.
v Filled with bitterness and envy, Cain rose up and killed his brother, Abel, whose sacrifice was accepted by God. God asked him where his brother was – He just wanted him to confess his sins.
v Cain missed it and instead of answering the question, he asked if he was his brother’s keeper, and the judgment came upon him. Why? – He failed to know that the bond of brotherhood to God is stronger. Do you know that it was the very reason why God’s judgment came upon the people of Tyre in Amos 1:9?
v The concern of Cain was that since he had been driven from the presence of God and had become a fugitive, anyone who found him would kill him. God in His loving kindness and tender mercies responded and assured him that he would to be killed. He even put a mark on him so that no one should kill him. Banishment from the presence of God had exposed Cain to be wasted by anyone or any beast that found him; but God’s love still reached out to him for his protection.
v In Gen. 4:16- His wife conceived and bore him a son, Enoch. Further down the line, he went ahead to built a city.
Sweetheart, the Lord asked me to tell someone that as you go through year 2021, the love of God that passes all understanding shall go with us. His love will prevail over every ugly situation in your life. We saw what His love did in the life of Cain. The love of God surpassed the divine curse placed on Cain. In spite of the curse, he kept on seeing the manifestation of the love of God. No wonder Paul reminded us in Romans 5:8 that, “God showed his great love for us by sending Christ to die for us while we were still sinners.” You see, even when we were enemies of God, He reconciled us to Himself through the death of His Son, Jesus (Rom 5:10). Come on, scream and rejoice! His love overrules judgment. His love is unsearchable. His love is deep. His love is higher than the heavens. It is deeper than the deepest ocean-what a loving God! “Father, please open me up to the depth of Your love!”
Beloved, this prayer will take care of your fears and your struggles. It will strengthen your faith in Him. When He opens us up and we catch a glimpse of His love, it becomes much easier to enjoy the grace that He bought for us. To respond back in love as demanded by God in Deut 7:9 and Mark 12:30-31 becomes easier. We will even be able to flow in great love towards the brethren. We will be able to fulfill all the laws.
Please, say these prayers out loudly: Lord, I decree that my understanding shall be quickened; Let me know the height and the depth of your love for me;
I decree my inner eyes opened now. Let every veil be consumed by the fire of the Holy Spirit.
I decree my heaven is opened. I lift my heart and my head up to you; let your river of love over flow me. Throw me into the river of your love.
n After the prayers, believe that He has answered you (1 John 5:17). Start walking in His love.
n Show Him you love Him because love is active. Take time to fellowship with Him on daily basis.
n Take up assignments for Him. Be committed to His things. Look out for the house of God. Join hands with Him to build His Church in love.
n Reach out to your friends who have not known Him. Life in Him makes you an experiment of His undying love.
n Look out for the good of other brethren. Don’t be a taker. Be a giver.
n Give encouragement to others.
No curse can stand the heat of His love for mankind. Believe it and enjoy it.
Peradventure you have not given your life to Christ Jesus, you can do so now. Let him clothe you with the garment of salvation. And He will pour out His love into your heart by the Holy Spirit (Romans 5: 5). You also need to grow in His love by joining a Bible believing Church where you can fellowship and grow spiritually.
With joy in my heart, I welcome you to a time of refreshing in His Presence this Sunday by 9am at ChristLike Assembly, Success Cathedral Opposite Akure South Local Government Secretariat, Ilesha Road, Akure. Ondo State.
Till we meet again in the next edition, please live daily with this assurance: God’s love for you and I surpasses every curse. Halleluya.


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