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Why hair dyeing dangerous to health – Expert

By Rebecca Akintunde & Olamide Talub

A medical expert, Dr. Ayomide Ogunlade, has warned against dying of hair as it adversely affects human health.

Dr. Ogunlade, while speaking with The Hope, said some of the dyes contain harmful chemicals that can cause skin irritation, damage hair and also cause certain allergic reactions.

“Some hair dyes could contain some harmful chemicals which have significant implications on health.

The health implications could range from simple allergic reactions (hypersensitivity reactions) from skin irritation, contact dermatitis, and even predisposition to cancer like leukemia.

“These allergic reactions are triggered by the constituents of the hair dyes, which cause psoriasis, Conjunctivitis and asthma.

“Furthermore, permanent hair dyes are said to contain some concentration of hydrogen peroxide and ammonia. Hydrogen peroxide being a free radical is harmful to health as it increases oxidative stress”.

She advised that people should make use of natural and harmless dyes like coffee and henna as substitutes for ‘tints’ or ‘dyes.

The Hope interaction with some young people that wear dyed hair confirmed some of the adverse effects.

Miss Comfort Koriko said, “The first time I bleached my hair, it was long, so the hair stylist had to cut it and bleach it. It was excruciating, and at some point, I felt discomfort.

“I would say hair bleaching is more painful than when you relax your hair, especially when using blonde. So, blonde is always very painful.

“Hair bleaching makes you feel easily tired. Aside the pain; it’s cool and beautiful if we do not consider the societal perception of it,” she explained.

Another young lady, Miss Ayomide Adeniyi, said that despite the hair dye making her hair stand out and appear more vibrant, colourful and smooth, she usually experienced pain when adding the colours.

 “Once I added the colour, I felt a bit of pain, but it was bearable. Then the pain stopped when I washed off the tint.

“Furthermore, the side effects I get from hair dying include hair breakage, hair loss while some people experience skin reactions and allergies.”

When asked about hair tints and dyes, a hair stylist, Precious Amaka, was quick to narrate her ordeals.

 “The first time I tried dying my hair, I went through serious pains and severe headaches. After a year of dying my hair, I suffered hair loss.

My hair suffered some infections, and I got allergies through the dye. The only solution was to cut all my hair off and start over again”, Amaka added.


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