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Why ladies prefer older men

Why ladies prefer older men

By Maria Famakinwa
Young ladies’ choice of partners before now was to have loving, young, handsome cute guys who they can start life together with to build a lasting relationship, but happenings events these days have proved this wrong as most young ladies prefer to settle for older men, some as old as their fathers.

Not even the excitement and fun that could be  better off with young guys is enough to convince some ladies to go for young men within their age bracket as they revealed to The Hope that older men are more preferable because of their financial status, maturity, caring, understanding among other benefits.

 A married young lady, Mrs Omotola Jayeola, who revealed that the age difference between herself and the husband is 21years explained further that she settled for him not only because he is caring but that young men did not seek her hand in marriage due to her stature. “When young men did not consider me as marriageable due to my big stature, I found succour in this man who is very caring. I thank God today for getting married to him because every woman want a man who can properly take care of her and assure her of a secure future. Men who are way older have already passed the fundamental stages of life in most aspects.”

 In the submission of a civil servant, Mrs Adediwura Adegoke who is also married to a man with 17 years age difference said that she chooses to marry an older man to avoid sharing him with other ladies. “Almost every lady is afraid of sharing her man with other women or losing him to them which is rare when dating older men who understand better the love game and how to treat and appreciate a lady well.”

“Marrying older man for me is like a dream come true, I would not have made a better choice. Though, the 17 years age gap to some seems scandalous but I am not perturb in as much as I am happy. Another point why older men are preferable is the fact that they are not sex crazy like younger men. Older men cherish and respect you even in bed, they handle one with care like a fragile object and compensate you handsomely for having intimacy with you, unlike younger men who will always demand for sex and not ready to take no for an answer when they have the urge.”

 Sharing similar sentiment, a youth Corp member, Ms Juliet Okolie who revealed that the man in her life is far more older than her said that most ladies prefer older men because of their experiences and maturity.” The fear of broken marriages which is common now is discouraging young ladies from marrying young men. They do not care if they are number two or three, all that matters is comfortability. No lady will like to stick to twenty something years old man who is still trying to find his feet or living in a room apartment.

“An older man in most cases have a good apartment to himself or better still, his own house. They have a stable careers and consequently have financial security which is one of the most important things ladies desires in their partners. Just like the actress, Regina Daniels who married Ned Nwoko who has given birth to children older than Regina herself, no matter what people think, Regina claimed that she had not made any mistake because she is comfortable with her choice of man.”

 An undergraduate, Miss Teni Onoola, in her submission opined that older men are mostly preferable because they show better understanding and pay attention to details aside being a good communicator and better listener.”Women love it so much when their partners pays attention to them, even when they are talking trash, they take it cool and calm. Older men are more mature, well mannered, courteous and retain the most cherished standard missing in young men.”

Also, her friend, Rashidat Aderibigbe, who revealed that she has never dated young man before said that she would not marry young man because none of them can care for her needs. ” The highest form of deceit is the assumption that love can survive without money. Getting married to a young man who is still struggling to meet the family needs is out of my consideration, if I do, I cannot be faithful in such marriage. I rather prefer to be the second or third wife to an older man who will take good care of me and be committed to the union. Sincerely, if you have tasted poverty once,  you will understand better that providing for your woman’s need is the major strategy that sustains any marriage. This will also help to curb increase rate of broken marriages because most home break today due to the man lacking in his responsibility.”

 Speaking differently, a 24-year-old graduate, Mrs Teniola Adekanye maintained that the reasons given by  some ladies to love older men are fake adding that they do so because of material gain they can benefits from them.”Ladies prefer older men because they are rich. How many of them who claims to love older men  married poor older men? They forced themselves to marry older men because of what they stand to gain and not true love. These are ladies who cannot endure to start small. Their prayers mostimes is for the man to die after achieving their aims, so that, they can re-marry to younger men or decide to remain single mother and continues enjoying the wealth they inherited from their late older lover. Examples abound in our society. No lady love older men genuinely except for their wealth.”

Owena Press Limited (Publisher of The Hope Newspaper), Akure

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