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Why Nigeria’s power problem remains unsolved – Don

Why Nigeria’s power problem remains unsolved – Don

By Sunmola Olowookere
In spite of the availability of eggheads and experts in the Nigerian universities who can bail the country out of her power problem, poor funding of research work has been attributed as a major setback.

The Head, Department of Meteorology and Climate Science at the Federal University of Technology, Akure (FUTA), Prof. Ahmed Adedoyin Balogun who disclosed this in an interview stated the possibility of scientists in the institution harvesting the energy from the Moon to generate electricity for the country instead of relying on hydro power generation which he said has failed the nation.

He however noted that this could be achievable if the government adequately fund research work in the university.

He equally cited another means through which electricity could be generated as being practiced in China.

He revealed that energy which could be converted to electricity could be harnessed from the sound of the moving truck, if only the trucks in each state could be mandated to take a particular route.

He cited the example of China as an example of  scientific breakthrough.

His words: “In China, there is a street that trailers pass through. Have you ever been in a small car and a big trailer passes, you will hear a “whoosh” sound. It is called a drag. That sound is energy”

He recalled that the Chinese government put small wind turbines there to catch the energy which they use to generate electricity to power their streetlights.

He disclosed that from information available, people will start living on the Moon by the year 2020 according to the work plan of USA.

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 He stated that the feat was made possible through extensive research backed by strong political will.

He explained that harnessing Moon energy was possible as it also has strong winds, tides and moves round the Sun.

He said that according to science, strong energy could be put to good use and that rather than letting it destroy things, one can harvest that energy and convert it to electricity.

He said that there is the presence of solar, lunar and helium in the Moon.

He urged the Nigerian government to take a cue from those countries and properly fund meterological research while describing it as one of the social services that could ensure the growth of the nation.

He added: “In order to avoid damage to lives and properties, meteorological information which we call forecast is essential.

He regretted that in Nigeria we have not developed to the point where we will be paying attention to that weather inputs until problem arises.

Why Nigeria’s power problem remains unsolved – Don

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Why Nigeria’s power problem remains unsolved – Don

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