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Why price of garri shoots up – NCGA President

By Francis Akinnnodi

The price of garri, a popular staple food in Nigeria, has increased continuously in the last three months.

This record high in price of garri is attributed to cassava production shrinks nationwide due to worsening insecurity, uncertainty around last year’s elections among others

A survey by The Hope in major markets across Ondo State showed that the average price of a 50kg bag of yellow and white garri surged by 100 percent from an average of N18,000 and N17,000 in December 2023 to N36,000 and N35000 respectively in March 2024.

Similarly, a rubber measure of yellow garri now sells for an average of N1,200 as against N700 sold in December 2023, while a rubber of white garri sells for N1,100 as against N600 sold in December 2023, indicating a continuous increase in price.

According to data from the Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO), Nigeria is the world’s largest producer and consumer of cassava and was projected to churn out 60.8 million metric tonnes of cassava in 2022.

The production of cassava tubers in 2023, according to farmers was hampered by the impact of climate change, worsening insecurity and the uncertainty around last year’s elections.

National President of Nigeria Cassava Growers Association, NCGA, Prophet Segun Adewumi said a lot of farmers were discouraged from cultivating the tubers last year owing to uncertainty surrounding the 2023 elections.

“The uncertainty and potential disruption during the change in government discouraged farmers from cultivating cassava as extensively as usual. This is what led to the production shortfall.”

The Hope reports that garri is regarded as ‘poor man’s food’ in Nigeria but with the recent hike in the price of the commodity, like other food items, many Nigerians are now finding it difficult to afford it.

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Why price of garri shoots up – NCGA President

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Why price of garri shoots up – NCGA President

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