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Why women seeking elective positions is low – PDP Woman Leader

By Adekola Afolabi
The Ondo State woman leader of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Mrs Ebiwonjumi Esther, has attributed reasons the why number of women seeking elective positions in the country is very low to undue pressures from men and lack of support from their fellow women.

She disclosed this in Akure, the Ondo state capital, while speaking with The Hope at the party’s secretariat.

According to her, women do not like themselves and as such they do not deem it necessary to support themselves for any elective position.

She described the situation as very pathetic and highly discouraging.

The PDP woman leader equally decried the undue pressures men usually mount on women in order to discourage them in any election, saying that men do not even believe that women have all what it takes to be members of the National Assembly or governors let alone be the president of the country.

“On several occasions when we are expected to support ourselves, we will prefer to support men. Our attitudes too towards advice given by men also go a long way to determining who to support in any given election.

“Some times, by the time our husbands twist our heads in order to support them, we will be carried away and we will not even know that they are just deceiving us.

“Another important reason is the fact that men do not believe women can do it. They believe that because they are our husbands we cannot do anything. But I want to challenge them that women can even do it better if given the opportunity.

“You can see the way we are managing our homes and children, men cannot do it. The problem is that men are not giving us chance; they will always want us to support them rather than supporting our fellow women.

“So, the issue is beyond our control, it is only God that can arrest the minds of our men. Mind you, women have the largest population figure but men have always been leading us”, she asserted.

She said women have the numerical strength to wrestle power from men, adding that they are ready to do so.

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