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Witchcraft heals –Rachael Mueller

Witchcraft heals –Rachael Mueller

By Taiwo Abiodun
The environment was colourful. It was during the Pagan Picnic at St. Louis, Missouri, America. The Hope correspondent, Taiwo Abiodun was at the event where he interviewed some of these witches.

They displayed different types of books of their profession. They held discussions. They interacted with people. They were in flesh and blood. Books on Witchcraft, Wizard, Palm Readers, Tarrot, Magic Books like The Blessing Cord, through the fires, witch’s coin, Heal, Foundations  of The Temple, Living Years of Witchcraft, The Three Rays of Witchcraft, The Plant Spirit Familiar , The Casting of Spells , The Green Lovers. In fact, the event was interesting as different artworks were displayed as they were patronized by seeming customers.

 A chat with Rachael Mueller

Rachael Mueller is a witch, occultist, shaman and a teacher at the Temple of Witchcraft, St. Louis, Missouri , America.  Excerts:

Can you introduce yourself?

The dark goggled Professor who claimed to be 55 years introduced herself and explained thus  ”My name is Rachael Mueller . I am a witch. Witchcraft is not a bad thing, it depends on the person who wants to practice it. It is really about tapping into. A lot of people in the temple are not doing it because they want to harm people. They are trying to work through emotional blocks. It’s really a system trying to help people to grow, what a healthy and appropriate ways to respond to things.”

But people think it is negative?

Reminded that most people believe it is a bad or are dreadful of it, but she laughed and went further and said ”No. It can be used for good or bad thing. It is like electricity, it is neither good nor bad, positive or negative.

You know electricity can be used for a good thing  and for a bad thing. So I think people that have experience with witch-craft for a bad thing will think witches are bad, that is not the case , they chose to use it in a certain way.

Trees and stones have a spirit in them. Just like we have people who are good people, when you talk to them you can feel a good relationship. When you meet people that are bad or challenging people so I think we try to go to Mystery School of Witchcraft to teach people how to have a more appropriate relationship in building those spirit. , steering people towed divine love, divine will, divine wisdom trying people to understand witchcraft.

 We try to create awareness, use the tools of witchcraft positively.

Do you fly at night?

Since it is a belief that witches fly at night, she was asked to say a word on it. However she denied that there is nothing like ‘flying’. She said ”No. I don’t believe in things like that, but you can project your conscience to different areas” .

When you die, where would you go?

It is a belief among Christians that there is Heaven and Hell depending on their deeds on earth while the Muslims believe in Aljanah. But for a person practicing witchcraft where would he find himself? Mueller replied ”There is upper world and there is a lower world, I think the lower world you go to is exactly how you imagine issues.”

Is your husband a member?

She said her husband does not practice witchcraft, “No, my husband does not practice. When I met my husband , his parents and his grandparents were never raised in church. He never worked to concern himself in spirituality. So when he found out that I was interested in being a witch , he asked a lot of questions.

Witches can heal. Witchcraft  is not always a bad thing, it is how you do it…If you are trying to heal a disease they can heal   the disease.”

How did you go into it?

She narrated how she almost became a Professor of Religious Studies but abandoned it to pursue the knowledge in witchcraft. She said  ”I had to go into Seminary. I almost became a Professor. I was about to be a professor of Religious Studies while working at the University. So the papers I was writing are still there.

When I think about my spirituality world, that really resonate the most, I began to look around and came across Christopher Pens,  that’s how the thought came and his books spoke to me. I started to explore and he really spoke to my soul, this is the part I was looking for (being what I wanted to do, as a witch).”

How old are you?

I am 55 years of age. If you take the word ”Witch” where were its roots, some people got the idea that it actually means ”Holy” so I see it been Witchcraft ”Holy craft”, can you really find that spark not just in me  or in you and responding …

What is the meaning of this pentagram?

Mueller said ”Pentagram is a symbol of protection and you find it in a lot of different cultures whenever you find people looking for religious systems when a symbol keep showing up, it means they are all using it for the same reason., you find it also in Hinduism .We have a school where I teach people witchcraft.”

What do we call a member of witchcraft?

We call them ”Witch”, but some people are uncomfortable with the word ”Witch” , some call themselves magic workers, spiritualist , some call themselves shaman,

So what do we call you?


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