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Monday, November 29, 2021

Withdrawal of Soldiers from Ondo Highways

IT is saying the obvious to submit that insecurity is the greatest challenge confronting Nigeria today. With the attendant parlous economy that has impoverished the disadvantaged majority, the severity of insecurity has sustainably put the Nigeria government under socio-economic and political pressures, with drastic solutions sought to mitigate the crumbling security architecture, including the use of soldiers has become imperative to curtail banditry, kidnapping and terrorism. Nonetheless, the drafting of soldiers to Nigeria highways has not led to the cessation of these nefarious acts in very absolute term.
IT has been argued, for the umpteenth time, that the military is constitutionally saddled with the responsibility of defending the territorial integrity of the country, as against deploying them to handle civil matters. No doubt, and as broached above, the introduction of military checkpoints across Nigeria was due to the escalation of insecurity, central to which is kidnapping, when the police seemed to have been overwhelmed. However, the recent sudden withdrawal of soldiers from checkpoints in Ondo State expectedly took residents of the state by surprise.
WITH the unsuccessful attempts from different backgrounds to explain this development through mere extrapolations, and the failed efforts made by some to needlessly politicise this very volatile issue, it is our belief that the discourse should be dispassionately approached, and discussed, as responsible citizenship dictates adequate knowledge, fair, sincere assessment, and unflinching collective ownership. As the saying goes, much ado about nothing!
IN a most responsive manner, The Hope observes that the quick response of the Ondo State Government to deploy police to fill the gap that would have been created by this withdrawal is highly commendable. In a related manner, the unique and gallant roles being played by Amotekun are evidently in order to make up for the lapses of regular security agencies, in terms of localised intelligence gathering and community-drive networking. The remarkable feats recorded by Amotekun, in terms of arrest and prosecution, have drastically neutralised criminality in the state, and restored the confidence of citizens, due to the impactful propensities.
WE are of the opinion that Amotekun should be further empowered and strengthened to do more exploits, particularly to creatively fill the gap that would have been created by the withdrawal of the soldiers, and support the police that have been saddled with the new assignment of manning the checkpoints . It is on record that the majority of the criminal acts in the state are perpetrated by foreigners, who have been effectively checkmated by the Amotekun corps. As Amotekun continues to fill the void in the security architecture in the state, The Hope calls on the Commandant of Amotekun in the state to ensure that his men are not compromised, no matter the amount of the pressure, and notwithstanding which quarters it is coming from, in order to be able to retain the confidence the people have reposed in them.
AS the state government consolidates in the area of tackling insecurity, which has drawn accolades from within and outside the state, The Hope would like to counsel residents in Ondo state, and members of the public not to panic, but should continue to cooperate with and support Amotekun, through the emplacement of accurate and useful information as well as reports that would help the security outfit to continue in winning the war against insecurity in the state. The foregoing is more so as security is the business of all and sundry.


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