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Woman defies science, gives birth to twins at 59

Woman defies science, gives birth to twins at 59

From Fisayo Akinduro, Osogbo
A couple, Sunday Ajewole, 63 and  Olamide, 59 in Osogbo were full of joy for giving birth to twins after 32 years of marriage.

The Hope gathered that the couple, who are retired teachers, have been married for 32 years, without a child until last Thursday when the wife gave birth to twins; a boy and a girl.

In an interaction with the new mother, she noted that she had earlier conceived, but had a miscarriage.

She, however, mentioned that they (the husband and her) were unfazed and unruffled by their childless state, adding that they were quite optimistic that they would also become parents.

She maintained that her husband stood by her, undeterred and undaunted by their predicament, as he believed that marriage extends beyond procreation.

“He was of the opinion that marriage is not all about children. In fact, no one could detect that we had no child. He stood by me all through the years,” she added.

“Pressures and external influences are normal, especially in this Yoruba land. But it never fazed nor discouraged us. We were quite optimistic and hopeful that one day, our joy will be full and people will come and rejoice with us.”

“I will advise those in a similar situation to accept that God’s time is the best and it can never be changed.

In his reaction, Sunday Adewole who is 63 years old confirmed that there were a lot of pressure from friends and family.

He, however, noted that despite the pressure he and his wife relied on God.

Owena Press Limited (Publisher of The Hope Newspaper), Akure

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