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Woman, it’s a new year, come up!

By Josephine Oguntoyinbo


It’s a brand new year and one of the amazing things about the New Year is that it’s indeed going to be a year of possibilities and prosperity, though last year was one of its kind, a year of many challenges, ups and down.
Thank God we all made it through ,and the fact that God’s mercy has kept us alive till now is an opportunity that should be maximised.
So, dear women, this is a time to explore all available avenues and be our best. The time to take decisions is right now especially because the year is just fresh .
As we all know, the roles of women in any society or clime are numerous. The female gender is so dynamic that she has her periods come with pains, then she would quick to realise that it is not easy to be a woman.
Growing older, she metamorphoses into a wife and mother. These stages of her life also have challenges associated with them, and when she thinks that she could take a break from active productive years, there comes the menopausal issues confronting her.
As if she does not have a lot of physiological issues to contend with, so much is expected from the woman.
She is expected to perform her duties like a machine so much that she is not found wanting in any of her roles as the daughter, wife, mother or career person.
Little wonder, then, that beyond gender prejudice, we have chants like ‘No Woman, No Nation’, ‘Train a man and you train an individual, but train a woman and train a nation’, defining the very essence of womanhood.
So, if she is such a dynamic being, she deserves to be celebrated. And the woman should not, for fear of the society, fail to blow her own horns.
Without any fear or favour, promoting the female gender or seeking more privileges for her is not of place.
As events keep unfolding especially in recent times, it is a proven fact that women are actually very important in family, societal and national life.
And more than ever before, the maxim “what a man can do, a woman can do better” is becoming a reality in Nigeria.
Today, there is hardly any profession where women have not made their marks; be it in the field of medicine, academia, agriculture, transportation, engineering, law and others.
Having enumerated the importance of the women, this year should be a challenge for them. The woman is to discharge her duties as expected of her, raise a good family, make her husband and children proud of her, and likewise make other women see as a role model. This is what makes a successful and complete woman.
Having said these, it behoves the woman to heed wise counsel and do all within her capacity to make the year beautiful. The ball is in our courts. Once again, Happy New Year!

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