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Women, live your life

Women, live your life

By Oguntoyinbo Josephine
Make yourself happy no matter the circumstances you find yourself. Women should know how important they are in the family and in the society at large hence the need to only impress yourself, God and your family.

Ensure to be more occupied with being happy than showing off staged happiness just for others to see. You get true happiness and joy when you achieve something, and  make someone happy. Little things like that matters a lot. Doing what you love to do, having a good evening with your loved ones, setting a goal and achieving it, seeing your kids grow, getting difficult task done in the office, and overcoming daily challenges are among the things that contribute to a happy life.

On the other hand, putting up a show to impress others will not help you to achieve these little yet impactful things.

Trying to impress people is a waste of time, resources and life. People will never  be impressed. If your are slim,they will advise you to eat and gain some flesh and If you are fat, they will state a million reasons why you need to lose weight. If you are married and no baby yet, they will begin to insinuate terrible causes. If you have all girls, they suggest you still try having another child, maybe it will be a boy because you do not have a solid hold in the family yet.

Likewise, if you have many children that you cannot  cater for, they wonder what your problem is and start avoiding you in case you may need their financial help. If you are still single, they give you reasons to seek spiritual help by all means to have husband. The list is endless. All these will only weary you, distract and make you unhappy.

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What you should be more worried about is your progress. Ask yourself these questions. Am I improving mentally, physically, intellectually, marital-wise?’ ‘Am I impacting lives? Am I where I should be? Have I done what I should? Am I a good wife and mother(for those that are married)? Am I a potentially good future partner( for those intending to marry)? These should be your priority.

Most things you see on social media are fake and untrue. Many people present what they are not, just to impress and make you ( work tirelessly) feeling like you are doing nothing. Have you not wondered why they come to social media to show off? Be yourself, be real,  connect with friends but keep your life private, after all it is yours only.

Do not give in to pressure, your health is important. If you have friends that are not making you comfortable, do away with them, It is not malice but give yourself space to have your peace.

Moreso, you are in a competition with yourself not anyone. Competing with self means each time you come out better, and you will consider those that are important to you before making a decision.

Therefore, be contented while working to be where you want to be or want your family to be and not where people think you should be. Set your own standard and rules. Nobody wants you to be better than them. So be quiet and enjoy what God has given you.

In addition, nobody knows how long they will live so why let people dictate this one life that you have. Do your very best and leave the rest for God to bless your efforts.

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 Your husband and kids must fit into every aspect of your life. Do not be selfish. Think about them before making the smallest decisions. Relationships brings happiness therefore treasure yours.

Most importantly, impressing people at your expense may make you loose focus thus, be watchful and guided. Discover what really makes you happy. Note that what makes you happy will never be a thing that will cause your family sorrow or bring  disunity. Whatever you desire and your family is not included will not bring lasting joy hence the need to avoid wrong philosophies and ideologies.

Women, live your life


Women, live your life

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