Wristwatch to compliment your outfit

By Bamidele Kolawole


Since the advent of mobile phone, most people don’t see the need for wristwatch to check time and date anymore as phone can do the same job more perfectly.
Nevertheless, most fashionable people cannot do without hanging one around their wrists even if not for their main purpose but for fashion statement.
Wristwatch has become an essential part of any trend humans ensemble as it spices up their costumes. You can have multiple colour leather straps, slim, moderate or bogus strap size with bold fave so that you can change as you dress to match the colours.
Chain, leather or fabric strap wristwatch makes a lot of sense when the right design and colour are used for a specified outing.
Just make a choice that clicks with your skin colour, outfit and the events. Most offices prefer you use moderate size black or brown leather wristwatch. You may choose shoes, bag or belt that goes with colour of the strap.
You could also use jeans strap watch to dress down with a top and jean outfit.

Wristwatch to  compliment your outfit

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Wristwatch to  compliment your outfit

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