Writing requires deep thought – Feyisayo Anjorin

By Oluwadamilola Akinduro

A screenwriter, Feyisayo Anjorin who is also a songwriter, is an author of 6 works of fiction and Kasali’s Africa.

In an interview with Weekend Extravaganza, he disclosed that writing requires deep thought and a bit of soul searching.

The Akure base writer added that writing It is a lonely venture which also involves a lot of rejection, a situation that sometimes, makes you wonder if you are even any good at all.

“I’m among the few writers that can display a bit of extroversion even though I am an introvert. I can sing.

“Inspiration comes from diverse sources, whether personal experience or a reorganisation of many songs you have heard over time in your head or from God putting a song in your spirit. The message determines a lot about the words.

“Originality in the creative industry is a talent thing. Sometimes I run my lyrics through Google to be sure, and I have read extensively on copyright issues, besides working with producers who are equally determined to keep their good names.

“Typically, if I get a songwriting brief I try to find out, either directly from the artiste or through internet search, what kind of songs the artist sings. For varying musical styles, I just consult with some producers to make sure songs don’t sound too similar.

How have you utilized technology in your songwriting process?

“I’m so bad with technology. I have not been using technology on that front.

How do you incorporate storytelling into your songwriting?

I do that a lot, but in most instances, I see music holistically, so sometimes the music video is the thing that completes what started from words and tunes.

How well do you know the music industry and its current trends?

I’m more familiar with the entertainment industry generally than the music industry specifically, and the industry sometimes seem alike a lot. I would have loved a world where an artist can face the art and folks behind the scenes and focus on the business. However opportunities for learning are numerous, and I do take advantage of them.

Do you have any experience performing your songs in front of an audience?

Not these new set of songs, but I have been performing songs before audiences from my secondary school years, all through university (I did a lot of hip hop then), and I was a member of a band called “Xtremes”

Writing requires deep thought – Feyisayo Anjorin

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