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Yahoo fraud, housewives join in the fray!

By Sunmola Olowookere


Who would have believed it? While we thought that only youths were involved in yahoo dealing, we never had any inkling that some housewives too were quietly running their own yahoo racket right from the laps of their unsuspecting husbands.
Secrets currently unfolding showed a housewife who still portrays herself as a single lady and invites suitors who would have her hands in marriage.
What a shame! Our whole neighbourhood is agog with the scandalous news. The young housewife between 30 and 35 years of age had been swindling an “Americana” of his money with the promise that she would get married to him.
What was she thinking? Neighbours wondered as she already had three children for her husband.
Her husband is currently almost out of his mind with rage and disappointment. He was ready to reveal the sordid details to anyone that cared to listen.
Mummy Promise is a full time housewife who seemed to lack nothing. She has given birth to three children. However, anyone with eyes in their skull would see that she is beautiful. This beauty was one of her tools in her new found trade. Collins, the American based guy saw her picture on social media and he fell in love.
They started with chatting. Soon they graduated to online dating. Collins was hoodwinked by her dark and quiet beauty not knowing that it covered a very sinister motive.
He began to talk to her about his life and how he had been unfortunate in love until he met her. He was deliriously happy that at last he was able to meet the girl of his dreams In such an unlikely place as the social media.
She was all sunshine and light with him and he never entertained any doubt in his mind about her.
He expressed love to her and she accepted him after some minimal reservation. She claimed to be wary of men and concocted a story of a Casanova who used and dumped her when she had trusted him with her whole heart. The unsuspecting guy swallowed all the story.
He promised her that he would make all her pains go away and would be there for her through thick and thin. He was very generous with her. He sent money for her upkeep.
However, unknown to him, she had her own plans. They were exchanging nude pictures and the man was eager to see the original of the tantalizing visuals that were sent to him.
At a time, he was able to come down to Nigeria and she gave her husband some story of going for a job interview in Lagos. She had told Collins that she was based in Lagos. They met in an exquisite hotel and Collins was able to satisfy his curiosity and desire on her in those heady two days.
She came back to Akure and he too went back to his base. He felt he had gotten the real deal.
Soon he began to talk about marriage. She was very amenable to it and she sent him an enormous bill of what was needed for the traditional marriage. Although the bill was high, he still went ahead because of the love he had for her.
He sent the money and they picked a date. However, he was shocked that about a week to their wedding, she was no longer picking his calls. Soon she barred his calls and also blocked him on all the social media platforms where they chatted.
He began to smell something sinister. He tried reaching her through some of her friends but he could no longer reach them also. Probably then, he realized that he had been taken to the cleaners.
Till today, no one in our neighbourhood could understand how he was able to trace her to her husband’s house. He caught her red-handed. It was in the morning and she was driving her children to school in her husband’s car.
Collins who had been waiting by the gate was amazed to see the queen of his heart being pulled by some brats calling her “mummy! ” as she drove out and waited for the kid closing the gate.
He was shocked and he shouted “Sandra, is this really you?”
She nearly jumped out of her skin. She too was shocked that Collins could trace her right down to our neighbourhood.
She looked around furtively before replying him in a low tone “Collins, what are you doing here? ”
Collins snapped at her ” I could ask you the same question!”
In a twinkle of an eye, she switched over to treating him as a stranger. “Who are you? I’m not Sandra and I do not know you”. She told him loudly. Collins was shocked at the switch. He gasped in shock.
However he rallied as she made to drive away and stepped in front of the vehicle. “You are going nowhere. Fraudster! You will refund my money before you leave. So far, I have send three million naira to your account”.
The commotion attracted her husband who was preparing for work and he came out to inspect what was wrong.
He was surprised to see an agitated man leaning on the car bonnet. He looked well dressed and composed so he could not be mad, he reasoned.
The husband pulled him away roughly “young man, why are you causing a commotion here? You are harassing my wife and kids. What is the problem?”
Collins stammered “yo-you- your wi- wife? But we are planning to get married? She is my wife to be. In fact we have picked a date. And she had never told me she was married before”.
They both turned to look at the woman who look at Collins oddly. She turned to her husband “daddy Pelu, this man is lying, I have never seen him before “.
Collins was livid “so you will continue to deny me? I did not want to go to the extreme but you have forced my hand”
So saying he brought out an envelope from his bag and gave them to her husband. The man gasped in shock and slumped against the car in defeat as he beheld his wife in her full glory wearing only her birthday suit. She was shamefully naked and doing suggestive things to herself in the pictures. In some she wore clothes. There were also copies of money transfers.
The husband simply went back inside as he beheld the evidence of money transactions to his wife of over 3 million naira. He told Collins “you can have her”.
Collins signalled to plainclothes police men that had been watching the whole scenario since and they took the woman away.
It was a very huge scandal that had the neighbourhood buzzing since it broke.

Yahoo fraud, housewives join in the fray!

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Yahoo fraud, housewives join in the fray!

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