Your financial vision

By Tope Babatope
Take some time to paint a word picture of the life you want to live. Take a piece of paper and sit down in a quite spot. Write out a schedule for your ideal day. King Solomon wrote, “Where there is no vision, the people perish.”

He understood that once people lose their vision of a better future, they lose their  hope- and even their desire- to persevere through life’s challenges.

Many people have some idea of what they would like their ideal lives to look like, but they convince themselves that dreams never come true.

One of the most powerful habits of wealthy people is their ability to visualize a better financial future. They develop a clear mental picture of where they want to be financially, and then describe their financial vision in a simple and concise statement to serve as a constant reminder of where they are headed. This picture becomes a powerful motivator in their quest to produce and acquire wealth.

If you can get a clear picture of the way you want your life to look, that glimpse, quite often, may be enough to keep you moving ahead in pursuit of your personal dream. The truth is , most people could fulfill their dreams, and make their lives better, if they would only take some time to define a plan of action and follow their plan by developing a financial vision statement.

Take for instance you spend N20,000 a month servicing a debit and in 18 months, you reach  your goal of becoming debt- free. Your goal is to get out of debt, but your vision is much bigger.

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As you keep moving ahead, you are pursuing a vision of what life will be like once you reach your goal. You can, and should, enjoy the feeling of having the burden of debt lifted off your shoulders, but thinking about how to invest some of the money you saved is what keeps  you moving ahead.

 Do you see the difference between a financial goal and a financial vision? A goal is a measurable step, while a vision is a picture of the future you can achieve once the goal is reached. Get in touch with what you truly want out of your life.

Let’s look at the following steps to develop a financial vision statement. As you begin to visualize the ideal life you would like to live, don’t be afraid to dream big. Be realistic, but don’t limit yourself; this vision will form the foundation of the financial goals you will set and the investing strategies that you will use.

Take some time to paint your mental picture by fantasizing about a typical day in your ideal life. As a guide to get you started on this journey, answer these “vision- planting” questions.

What do l really want to accomplish with my life?

What is my purpose? What type of person do l want to be?

What have l always dreamed of doing?

 What big things do l want to accomplish in life?


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Your financial vision

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