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Youths and the crave for wealth

By Maria Famakinwa


The alarming rate at which today’s youths crave for wealth is assuming a frightening dimension. Get-rich-quick syndrome among the youth on whose shoulders lies the future of this country is becoming the new normal. The sad reality is that many of them have taken extremely desperate measures to attain wealth.

In the recent time  footages of killings for rituals were seen daily on the social and mainstream media  mostly perpetrated by youths. In several cases, bodies were found with several parts missing.

This sad trend has been giving concerned citizens of the country nightmares that if our future leaders are already missing the tracks, urgent solutions are needed for them to re-trace their steps. Some parents who spoke with The Hope explained why youths are bent on becoming wealthy overnight and ways to curb it.

In the submission of a parent,  Mrs Folukemi Edun, she revealed that we live in a digital world where youths are exposed to everything in life, either good or bad. They are exposed to every stage of life and they  believe that money could not only solve their problems but could further bring joy to them.

Her words: “In a society where materialism and unequal distribution of wealth is the order of the day, it sends wrong signals to the youth that with enough wealth, one can do anything and live  a happy life.

In a society where respect is accorded to the size of one’s pocket, it will surely have a tremendous effect on upcoming generations who are thirsty for wealth.

This make the youth see becoming rich as a must pursuit, a do-or-die assignment, that is slowly killing the brighter future of our future hope. Government and parents must take drastic steps to address this, otherwise, the future of Nigerian youth will be in jeopardy,” she said.

Sharing a similar view, an educationist, Mr Roheem Adeleye, who blamed get-rich-quick syndrome among youths on the influence of social media said: “Social media is playing a huge factor in influencing this young ones to think that there is a short cut to success.

The exotic lifestyle and showy display of wealth on social media by many of our politicians, celebrities and influencers, have made the youths think that life is a bed full of roses.

His words: “Today, the core values of hard work and genuine success has been thrown into the dustbin of mediocrity. The mind of an average youth has been positioned to a large extent, to believe that education is no longer the key to success. For this reason, there is overhaul of the old norms and values, and a new dimension has taken shape.

“Another way the media negatively influence  youths is through movies. Movies that feature the occult carrying out ritualistic practices have been showing on our screens for many years, this has left a lasting impression in the minds of youths, making them believe that there is a spiritual undertone to success in life. Little wonder their involvement in money rituals. To solve this problem, the government must make a law that will prohibit public display of wealth by anybody and films with public display of wealth should not be allowed into Nigerian markets.”

In the contribution of a teacher, Mrs Aina Arowolo, maintained that lost family virtues should be addressed to solve youth unending quest for wealth. While calling on parents and guardians to give their wards adequate training so as to divert their minds from quick wealth syndrome said: “Today, every youth want to ride the best car but does not care about acquiring education.

“Young people who are supposed to be the leaders of tomorrow now engage in unimaginable crimes just to become millionaires overnight. The root cause of this is the lost family values. To curb the menace, the family as a social institution should instill discipline and good morals in children.

We must return to our traditional family values where charity begins at home. We must teach our children good virtues, hard work and patience. I want young people to know that there is no shortcut to being wealthy without determination, dedication and hard work. I urge the youth to embrace entrepreneurship and skills acquisition so as to be independent and avoid social vices.

“ The society have also played a large role in supporting this menace. From the family down to religious centres and peer groups, they have made  youths believe that they are on the right track. In a world where bad is good and good is bad, the increase in lawlessness become inevitable.

What do you have to say of a young man who have not graduated from higher institution but acquires a huge amount of wealth and suddenly becomes idolized by his parents and family members, religious heads and peer group without asking or knowing  the source of his wealth? Until we start questioning the sources of people’s wealth, youths will continue to crave for questionable wealth,” she warned.

A fresh graduate, Mr Bobola Igbekele, blamed government failure to provide employments for social vices among the youths and warned that it would not get better unless the youths are engaged meaningfully.

He said that the only solution to get-rich-quick syndrome among the youth is engaging them meaningfully through employments or empowerment while noting that crimes have become more rampant than ever across the country these days because of unbearable hunger in the land. Youths who are majorly affected are agile and strong, definitely, they will find any way possible to solve their problems since the government is not ready to proffer solutions.

Youths want to become wealthy because that is the way one can survive the present day Nigeria.

“I will never castigate those doing yahoo because  they are not different from politicians stealing our money. The only way government can be justified is to make job available for youths and then arrest anyone who go into crime. The truth be told, the leadership of this country has failed the youths and push them into various crimes. Nothing is working again, no job, no electricity, no food, no good health care. Even, most of the politicians travel abroad for medical reasons, why can’t they attend hospitals in the country they claim to be ruling well? That youths want to be rich at all cost should be blamed on our leaders who fail to make the economy work,” he said.


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