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Yuletide: Robbers torment bank customers in Ondo

Controversy is now trailing the circumstance in which bandits reportedly robbed a civil servant of the sum of six hundred thousand naira on Monday in his office in Akure, the Ondo State capital.
The civil servant, a staff of the state Ministry of Justice was allegedly robbed after cashing the money from a new generation bank in the state capital.
The robbers were said to have robbed the Pay Master within the ministry’s premises, but bank sources described the robbery story as a hoax.
Informed sources within the bank said the pay master completed his transaction as early as 9.46am on Monday and left the bank safely.
The source said the money given to the Pay Master were in N500 naira notes and were very handy to attract attention or mischief.
Customers at the high brow bank and another, a stone throw from each other in the state capital had been accused of harbouring spies who are in the habit of tipping criminals off about customers’ transactions which had severally resulted in robbery of unsuspecting customers.
A customer, who few days ago withdrew N3 million from one of the accused banks was trailed to a popular hotel in Akure and robbed at gun point of the money.
At Christmas period and New Year festivities, bandits are often on the prowl prancing around the prospective victims.
In a related development, reports from Idanre said the increase in the price of cocoa had made the town a prey for robbers who were said to be visiting their victims on daily basis in recent times.
Some armed robbers were said to have operated along Akure-Idanre road early yesterday, disposessing many victims of their money and other valuables, while others were seriously injured.
A cocoa merchant along Oke Lisa Street, Idanre was paid a nocturnal visit by armed robbers who collected a lot of money, after which they carted away his two motorcycles and his car which was later abandoned at Alade Idanre, some six kilometres away from the scene of their attack.
Some days earlier, prominent traditional chief in Idale area of Idanre was also visited with a loud knock of a big stone boulder that parted his front main door that later gave way to the robbers who came in with torrents of bullets piercing the night to scare people away from helping the old man.
The Hope Metro learned that his money and telephones were taken from him and his wife.
His ATM Cards were also taken after forcefully getting his code while they warned him that if it was discovered that he had given them wrong or fake code, they would come back to take his life.
The robbers were said to have succeeded in withdrawing large sum of money from the man’s account.
Further investigations by The Hope Metro revealed that Cocoa merchants are now wary of their movements and transaction modes as they are scared of going about with raw cash as they used to do in the past.
They now use bank transactions through transfers.
When two of them were met at a first generation bank recently, one of them who preferred anonymity revealed that it was ‘purely a survival strategy’ borne out of necessity because of the rise in criminal activities these days.


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