Hate speech, threat to Nigeria existence

Hate speech, threat to Nigeria existence

From Adegbemiro Tomilola Esther
A coalition of Northern groups has issued a 30 day ultimatum to the Nigeria government and governors who opposed to the RUGA cattle settlement program in the country.

The groups action snarled of indecency and war beaten that could take the country back to what happened between 1966/1970

The present ultimatum issued by the coalition of Northern youths warning southerners to leave their states within thirty days is a call to anarchy.  It is becoming apparent that a dark cloud is hovering over Nigeria. For those discerning enough to hear the unspoken, or decode the signs of the times, it is also obvious that Nigeria sits on a clear and impending danger.

In the last few  days that the Northern groups issued the ultimatum, the level of animosity among citizens of the country has led to widespread defections, mutual mudslinging and violent exchanges of words. It has been having its toll on the  country. As if a malevolent spirit has begun to decend on the country, there have been widespread violence in the land and innocent  blood being shed in the country. Combining with this is the increasing economic hardship that has lower the purchasing power of Nigerians.

What the country needs at this auspicious time is not treat from any quarter, but peace to develop the potentials of the country into greater height. The Northern youths should be warned by right thinking Nigerians and should be condemned for heating the politics in Nigeria.

They should not allow RUGA to put the country asunder, knowing fully well that they are not God that put the over two hundred ethnic groups together and they should not use their parochial minds to engulf the country into another round of war.

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It is because many of them were not born during the Nigeria civil war, otherwise, they would not be beaten another  drum of war.

The leadership of the Northern coalition groups should be reminded that their ultimatum have a grave implications, consequences and they should know that the “Hate speech ban” by the federal government is still in full force in the country.

When a child is playing with fire, he will know the implication when he got burnt by it, their action is an invitation to chaos and the end product peril in nature.

Nigerians should be reminded that the 18-year journey of its renascent democracy has been a tortuous one. The price for that noble journey was paid for at a huge cost of the honour, lives and toil of well-meaning Nigerians who fought selflessly and relentlessly to wrest power from military autocracy.

Again, it must be stated that the independence of the country was fought for by our fore fathers and the Northern youths should know that nobody can put this country asunder through any threat.

We have been living together for long, no group is supreme over others, therefore it is high time for the Northern youths to tread softly and know that violence does not solve problem but only dialogue. If there is anybody prompting them, such should be told that another war  in the country would bring the country to disintegration. The youths should learn from the Soviet Union, Kosovo and other countries engulfed by war, the wound up till now still remain fresh.

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The Northern youths should therefore shealth their swords and show maturity in approaching issue. They should have it at the back of their minds that Nigeria is good with its present population which is making some countries to respect us, dismembered the country into pieces will not be in the interest of all.

There have been calls by the Southern people for the establishment of pork ranch in the Northern States, can our youths in the area accept such? I think we should live together in peace instead of engaging in hate speech that will ignite fire in the country and further polarised us as a nation.

Our youths in the North should know that Nigeria needs peace at all fronts now and they should know that if they ignite fire of war in the country, their lives and everything they have worked for will be consumed by the inferno. Let us live for peace, so that, the country can overcome her teething problems.

Hate speech, threat to Nigeria existence

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Hate speech, threat to Nigeria existence

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