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Wrath of a betrayed lover

By Sunmola Olowookere


Paul’s wrath was palpable as he demanded that he must have the phone he bought for his girlfriend back. He believed their relationship was over and felt there was no reason for him to keep on being nice to her.

It was a scene to behold as he pranced into the one room apartment where the girl was staying with her friend, grabbed the phone on the table and turned around to leave.

The girl held on to him and began to call for help so that he would not take the phone away with him. As he tried to leave, the girl held on to him tenaciously.

By then, passersby and the neighbours were attracted by the scene of a burly young man struggling with a young lady. It was a typical scene of a damsel in distress and many gallant young men in the neighbourhood rushed to her rescue.

One of them held the boyfriend by the collar and dragged him back to the front of the house. He was made to sit so that he would not made off again. They demanded to know why he was being nasty to his girlfriend.

Paul was so angry that he was breathing heavily and sweating profusely.

He accused his girlfriend of being promiscuous and was still going out with her ex boyfriend despite his love towards her and all the things he did for her.

He pointed accusing fingers at her and declared “look at her, she is even wearing his jacket. I recognize this jacket as one of his clothes. How could you do that to me? Upon all I did for you? In the last seven months that I have been dating her, I have spent N1.2 million on her alone apart from the ones I spent on her parents because they support our relationship.

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” Even the wig she is putting on her head now, I bought it for seventy thousand naira” He stated, still pointing accusing fingers at her.

He accused her of stealing one of his phones despite buying her an iPhone worth over N200,000 and when he confronted her with the theft, he said that she had become very angry and cursed him that he would lose something precious to him.

He then shocked the audience when he described how his commercial bus got into a fatal accident the second day.

Residents were looking at the girl with question in their eyes as they wondered whether she was a witch as her boyfriend claimed that she and her mother were plotting evil against him.

He further disclosed that the mother threatened him over the phone when he called to report her daughter to her.

Although people tried to prevail upon him to leave the phone for the girl but he was adamant that he would collect the phone even if it was the only thing he would collect out of everything he bought for her.

He maintained that he was no longer interested in dating the girl and he would only remove her sim from the phone and give it back to her.

At first, the young lady refused to let him  go with the phone but her neighbours prevailed upon her to let him go and avoid trouble as the boy had the appearance of a cultist or a yahoo boy. He looked unkempt with his baggy sweatshirt and joggers along with his dread hair.

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She later agreed to release the phone but demanded that she had to delete her pictures on the phone.

It was a matter of shame to behold majority of the pictures she had on her phone as they were nude and suggestive pictures. She deleted and the young man left with his phone.

Although peace reigned once more but tongues wagged about the scandal.

Wrath of a betrayed lover

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Wrath of a betrayed lover

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