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  • What turns us on -Ladies

    What turns us on -Ladies

    By Maria Famakinwa  Ladies get sexually attracted to men for different reasons. Each woman has attributes that turn them on in a man. To many women, they accept or reject men’s love proposal for myriads of factors. These factors are majorly based on personal assessment.  This is to further give credence to the belief that […]

  • Stop policemen from checking youths’ phones

    Stop policemen from checking youths’ phones

    By Adetokunbo Abiola | Recently, the Lagos State Police Command arrested two policemen for searching the phones of some civilians along Osbond Way, Ikoyi. The camera caught the policemen searching the phones under the guise of carrying out a stop-and- search operation, with one of the policemen having a  force number 509745 identified as Opeyemi […]

  • Man shares secrets with friends, robbed

    Man shares secrets with friends, robbed

    By Babatunde Ayedoju | It is not strange at all to have friends. Almost everybody one will come across has at least a friend. In the neighbourhood, at school, in the work place and even in the place of worship, usually, one would have at least a friend. Friends would eat, play, talk and do […]

  • NUJ, NUPPPPROW, Owena Press Mgt, staff celebrate Adetula

    NUJ, NUPPPPROW, Owena Press Mgt, staff celebrate Adetula

    By Saheed Ibrahim and Babatunde Ayedoju | Members of Management, staff and unions in Owena Press Limited, publishers of The Hope newspaper yesterday rolled out the drums to give their Chairman/Editor-in-Chief, Sir Ademola Adetula a rousing welcome from vacation and to mark his 70th birthday. The surprise birthday celebration was organised by the management and […]

  • How ladies get pregnant, abort to gain massive curves

    How ladies get pregnant, abort to gain massive curves

    By Adedotun Ajayi | Blessing is a young lady from Edo State, She is an impressionable girl with a minimal sexual experience. She got herself a boyfriend in school, just like most female students of her age. Both of them were inexperienced about guarding against unwanted pregnancies. She soon got pregnant because they had an […]

  • Albinism and myths surrounding them

    Albinism and myths surrounding them

    By Maria Famakinwa | Albinism is a genetic condition caused by a deficit in the production of the pigment called melanin, which protects the skin against ultraviolet light and provides the skin with its colour production. The condition may predispose persons with albinism (PWAs) to lifelong physical and health problems, such as visual impairment and […]

  • Pains of womanhood

    Pains of womanhood

    By Maria Famakinwa | Over the years, women have been branded by definitions that kept them at the base of the ladder, dependent on men and society for validation of their womanhood. It is not surprising to see that women go through a lot of challenges in our society today. A visit to rural communities […]

  • Rapists on the prowl

    Rapists on the prowl

    By Sunmola Olowookere | This court holds that the prosecution has proven a case of rape against you beyond reasonable doubt and you are hereby sentenced to five years imprisonment. Your sentence is to commence from the onset of your incarceration,” the judge said while he pronounced a judgment in a case of rape. The […]

  • Is flower presentation sign of true love?

    Is flower presentation sign of true love?

    By Maria Famakinwa | It is still unclear to some parents nowadays why young men present flowers to ladies when proposing love to them. The culture which they described as alien to known marriage institution of the land has been generating reactions with the youths maintaining that it is the way to go in the […]

  • Nigeria’s e-Naira

    Nigeria’s e-Naira

    By Babatunde Ayedoju | Ever since trade by barter gave way to money transactions, money has become an indispensable tool for individuals, organisations and even governments when doing business. Nigeria is not an exception. There are over 250 ethnic groups in Nigeria. Money has never been alien to them, as each one had currencies that […]