Don advocates AI for security, innovation

By Saheed Ibrahim


An expert in Artificial Intelligence and machine learning (AI and ML) at the Federal University of Technology, Akure (FUTA), Professor Olabode Olatubosun has emphasized the importance of using research to create new ideas and improve things, noting that government should use research to make new inventions and grow.

He advocated for the adoption of AI and ML to address Nigeria’s security challenges and unemployment issues during the FUTA 165th inaugural lecture.

In his lecture titled “Machine Learning: Pattern Matching and Classification Experience with Technology to Solve Human Problems,” Olabode highlighted the potential of AI in crime detection, especially through facial recognition and object detection, to enhance proactive security measures against banditry and insurgency.

He described AI and ML as dynamic fields empowering machines to learn, adapt, and contribute to resolving complex problems, highlighting their potential to enhance various economic activities.

The Don emphasized that AI-driven surveillance systems could improve monitoring and surveillance activities in public spaces, aiding in the early detection of security threats.

He stressed the role of machine learning algorithms in identifying abnormal patterns in data, which can be applied to cybersecurity and physical security contexts, helping to detect potential threats.

The professor suggested that predictive analytics powered by machine learning could forecast crime hotspots, enabling law enforcement agencies to allocate resources effectively and prevent criminal activities.

He proposed that governments should invest in comprehensive skills development programs to equip the current workforce with digital skills, collaborating with educational institutions like FUTA to update curricula and introduce relevant programs aligned with the digital job market.

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He said it is important to invest in digital infrastructure to support the adoption of AI and ML, including upgrading network capacities and ensuring data security.

He discussed the extended capabilities of AI and ML across sectors such as agriculture, healthcare, education, industry, and entertainment, emphasizing their role in optimizing crop yields, medical image analysis, and accelerating drug discovery.

Don advocates AI for security, innovation

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