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Fantastic Ankara styles for men

By Bamidele Kolawole


Men love to look good. Men love to dress well. And to achieve this, they either go for casual wears like jeans and tees, try on a suit or perhaps native wears such as senator or they go Ankara styles.
Of course! Men wear Ankara. Fashion is for all, you know, and so is the Ankara fabric. This would enhance you to add to your wardrobe if you haven’t already.
Man in a mix and match ankara outfit
If you just got a new fabric probably for a traditional marriage and you’re thinking of the perfect style to take to your tailor, think no further.
Some wear ankara monkey jacket over a white shirt and matching ankara trousers, it depends on how you want it.
Ankara is one of the African fabrics that are intricately woven with patterns to show forth the African history, heritage, tradition and culture. It coexists with other African prints such as Kente, Adire, Danshiki, etc.
Ankara tops give room for versatility as when you wear them with other fabrics, you create a blend of modern and native wear.
When you want to go formal in a different way, try on an Ankara suit.
Ankara suits styles are your best bet for looking like a true African boss that you are.
Your suit doesn’t necessarily have to be the same colour as your trousers, the jacket could be Ankara while the pants of plain colour.
Men can rock any Ankara styles with any footwear and accessory of their choice. That is, it doesn’t necessarily have to be palms, moccasins or loafers. You can grab on a pair of sneakers with a hat and still look dapper.

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